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The 12 Levels of Christmas Promotion at Bet365 Casino

12-Levels-of-ChristmasThe team over at Bet365 Casino are certainly getting in the Festive spirit a little early this year, for they have just made live what is one of the most generous promotional offers, on which you are going to be able to claim all manner of extras simply by playing their real money casino games.

This promotion is called their 12 Levels of Christmas offer and is going to be your chance of being able to walk off with a large range of different prizes simply by accumulating as many Bet365 comp points as you can.

This is an opt in promotion and as such you will need to opt into the promotion when you log into your Bet365 Casino account so make sure that you do just that! As soon as you have opted in then you are good to go and can start playing any of their real money casino games and as soon as you have accumulated enough comp points you will earn the respective prize listed below.

Be aware to ensure that every play can benefit from this 12 Levels of Christmas promotional offer it is available to players playing in any one of their many different currency options, but do be aware that there is a different rate of conversion depending on just which currency you are using and this information along with the full terms and conditions of this offer can of course be found on the Bet365 website, so make sure you read through them.

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More Comp Points Means a High Value Prize

Let us now guide you through each of the different prizes you will qualify for as soon as you have accumulated enough comp points. As an added bonus every single player who manages to reach level 3 or above is also going to have their name put into a draw on which a BMW Z4 Roadster is going to be the prize of that prize draw.

Level 1 – As soon as you have accumulated just 2,000 comp points playing any of the real money casino games at Bet365 Casino you will qualify for a €25 casino bonus.

Level 2 – There is a €50 bonus being given away to all players who opt in to this promotional who manage to accumulate just 4,000 comp points.

Level 3 – When you accumulate and amass at least 10,000 comp points you will be given the option of claiming either a €125 bonus or if you prefer you can opt to be sent out a brand spanking new Kindle Fire HD Tablet, which is a perfect device for playing casino games at the Bet365 Casino site.

Level 4 – Things start to get much more interesting in regards to what you can claim at the Bet365 Casino site as soon as you amass 20,000 comp points, for when you do you are going to be able to claim a very large and very generous €250 bonus.

Level 5 – You will be able to pack your bags and go on a Paris Lunch Cruise as soon as you have saved up and earned 40,000 comp points during the duration of this 12 Levels of Christmas promotion at the Bet365 Casino, however if you would prefer they will instead give you a €500 bonus instead.

Level 6 – You will be awarded with a huge €1000 bonus if you successfully manage to accumulate at least 80,000 comp points when taking part in this special Festive promotion at the Bet365 Casino site, it is worth noting that thanks to the high payout percentages and low house edges attached to a lot of their casino games those comp points will be accumulated fairly quickly when you play their range of high paying casino games.

Level 7 –  As soon as you make it to level 7 of this promotion which is done by you saving up and accumulating at least 128,000 comp points you will have a choice of being able to claim a huge €1600 bonus, or if you prefer they will send you a brand new Apple Mac Book Pro with Retina display.

Level 8 – It really is going to be worth your time and effort playing at the Bet365 Casino site in the Christmas period for if you play and accumulate at least 200,000 comp points then you have the option of being able to get credited with an enormous €2500 in bonus credits or the team at the Bet365 Casino will send you a Samsung 4k Ultra HD 55″ TV.

Level 9 – You could earn yourself either a Monaco Grand Prix Package or a bonus worth a huge €6,000 by simply earning total of 480,000 comp points during the running of this promotion at Bet365 Casino, that is going to take some doing but with a prize like that on offer it can be achieved and is worth doing.

Level 10 – A bonus worth €10,000 will be coming your way if you manage to accumulate and earn at least 800,000 comp points and this is the level 10 prize available on the Bet365 12 Levels of Christmas promotion.

Level 11 – You are going to be able to claim either a 1kg Gold Bullion Bar or a bonus worth a whopping €25,000 if you manage to earn 2,000,000 comp points during this promotion, and the value of that bar of gold may continue to rise in value, so do think long and hard about whether to claim the bonus or the gold.

Level 12 – The final prize on offer from Bet365 via their 12 Levels of Christmas promotion is a choice of you being able to claim a brand spanking new Jaguar F-Type S Coupé a Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid or a BMW 6 Series Coupé or a cash bonus worth a cool €60,000 to be given the choice of one of those cars or the bonus cash just log into the Bet365 Casino site and earn yourself at least 4,800,000 in comp points.

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