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Another Day, Another Shot at the Marvel Jackpot: Day 3

After my last session of this project I decided to take a days break from playing as I was really fed up with looking at an online slot machine for several hours a day. If it’s not fun to play there’s really no point in spinning the wheels.

In order not to make this project die out after just 2 days of play I am now back in business and I reloaded my Bet365 Casino account with another €100 and some change to make my starting balance of the day €200. Hopefully that amount will be enough for at least a 1000 spins but you never know.

Today I have decided to start out with the Spider-Man online slot which is the latest Marvel Jackpot addition at Bet365.

Rivaling Free Games Win After 5 Spins

I hardly even had enough time to start writing this article before I hit the first free games round of the day. It just took 5 spins before the Spider-Man symbols lined up and got me to the Rivaling Free Games round where I ended up winning €27.80 which is not too bad.

Hot Zone Free Games Win

This whole project is about getting to the Marvel Jackpot round but all I’m hitting is a whole lot of free game rounds. It only took me 70 more spins since the first free games round until I got there again and this time I won the Hot Zone Free Games but the payout was pretty low at only €7.10.

Radioactive Free Games Round

I have to say that the Spider-Man online slot machine is really generous when it come to handing out free spin rounds. I have now played a total of 105 spins for the day and this is the third time I win the free games. This time I got to try out the Radioactive Free Games which gave me my biggest win of the day.

I’m Done With Spider-Man for Now

I guess I gave this online slot too much credit in the beginning when I was hitting free games all over the place. It’s been 395 spins since my last free games round and my maximum win over those spins has been about €5 so I’m giving up on this game for the day. After that terrible run I’m only left with €44.75 in my bankroll so it’s looking increasingly unlikely that I will reach the Marvel Jackpot game today.

I’m going to hit up the Captain America online slot machine with my remaining balance and we’ll see how many spins I will manage to squeeze in before I go bust and have to reload.

I Love Captain America Free Games

Boy am I glad I changed from the Spider-Man slot to the Captain America slot. Thanks to this move I won €89.50 during a free games round after just 3 spins on the Captain America machine. With this win my bankroll is now back at €132.10 and I actually have a chance of completing my 500 spins on this game before I go bust.

Reloaded and Done for the Day

After my great start on the Captain America slot there wasn’t really much of importance to report on. No more free game wins, no wins over €10 and most important of all, no Marvel Jackpot win. At one point I ran out of obey on the account and I had to reload with another €200 to be able to complete my 1000 spins for today. Having played all these spins on the Marvel Jackpot games today I’m going to call it a day and continue another day.

Below are the stats at the end of day 3

Starting Balance: €200 + €200 Reload = €400

Closing Balance: €169.35

Profit/Loss for the Day: -€231.65

Spins Played on Spider-Man Slot: 500

Spins Played on Captain America Slot: 500

Free Spin Rounds Won on Spider-Man Slot: 3

Free Spin Rounds Won on Captain America Slot: 1

Amount of Time Played: 3 Hours and 30 Minutes

Biggest Win of the Day: €89.5

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