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Are Online Slots More Loose Than Land Based?

There is one aspect that you will find appealing in regards to playing any kind of slot machine online and that is the payout percentages on those online slots are going to often be considerably higher than those attached to land based slot games.

You might be wondering why an online casino would offer such high payout percentages, well the answer to that is simple, the more a slot game pays out the more slot players will enjoy playing those slot games.

However, there are of course several reasons why it is possible for online slot games to payout more than slots you can access and play in a land based casino and below we shall be taking a much closer look at why that is.

Reasons Why Online Slot Pay More than Land Based Slots

Let us now take a look at some of the individual reasons why you are always going to find much higher payout percentages attached to the online slot games you can readily play at any of our listed and approved casino sites.

There are several main reasons why that will always be the case, so please read on to find out more, and then keep on reading for details of three of the very best online casinos who are all offering you the chance of claiming some generous sign up bonuses which you can use to play a range of exclusive and unique very high paying online slots. The bonuses are there for the taking so make sure you claim them all.

Low Overheads – The actual costs involved in running an online casino is nowhere as near as high as running a land based casino, and one of the ways an online casino operator can pass on to their players the savings they make is by ensuring their slot shave high payout percentages attached to them.

Over time the RTP of any slot game will guarantee the casino does make a profit out of those machines so the site owner is not going to be running any risks by giving their players more value and play time, in fact that is one way to build up player loyalty.

Longer Player Visits – Online casinos will get players playing at those sites for much longer than land based casino do. With a player being able to play from home and without the need to trek to a land based casino when accessing online casinos, players do play at those sites much more frequently.

As a player will be logged onto such a site for much longer then a sure-fire way to keep that player coming back to play the range of slots on offer is by giving them plenty of play time for their money, and that is one reason why the payout percentages on online slot games are much higher than land based slots.

Bigger Bonuses – One strange way that an online casino can get more players playing at their site is by firstly ensuring their slots payout more often than land based casino sites but also give players some high valued bonuses.

Many casinos now offer truly enormous deposit match bonuses, and by structuring those bonuses which a certain level of play through requirement the player will get even more playing value and the casino will not run too high a risk of losing out from those bonus offers they giveaway to their players.

With that in mind when you are thinking of accepting a casinos deposit match bonuses always make sure you have a look at what play through requirements are attached to them, as you will never want to accept a bonus on which a massive amount of play through has to be achieved before you can then cash out any winnings.

More Comps – The more you play the more you earn by way of comp points, and that is another reason why online casino slot games have higher than average payout percentages.

It is something of a marketing ploy for even though you will get more redeemable comps based on your getting more spins for you money when playing real money slots online, you are just as likely to spend those comped credits back in the slot games.

However due to you getting a much more perceived and actual playing value when playing slots online you are much more likely to return to play those slots at a later date. Plus with high payout percentages resulting in more long term winning spins why would you want to play anywhere else?

Which Casinos Have the Most Slot Games?

If you are interested in play a range of slot games online then there are of course plenty of casinos for you to pick and choose from listed upon our website. Please take a look at the following casino reviews, for each site listed below offers a unique range of slots and plenty of them will be available at each casino we have reviewed.

888 Casino – For a unique and exclusive selection of slot game you should pay a visit to the 888 Casino site, for they have a fully downloadable suite of casino games which include every possible category of slot you will be looking to play.

Begado Casino – Another online casino worth visiting is the Begado Casino, and what makes this casino unique is that they have a range of NuWorks designed slot games on offer. With some higher than average payout percentages and lots of randomly awarded progressive jackpots to be won those slots are going to be worth playing when you get some time to do so.

Bet365 Casino – Should you wish to play slot games from many different suppliers and slot game designers then pay a visit to the Bet365 Casino site. When accessing their instant play or mobile gaming platforms you are going to have a wide and very varied range of high paying slots games which can be played and sampled for free or for real money.

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