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Around the World Arcade Game

around-the-world-gameThe Around the World game is one of many highly playable Arcade Games which you are going to find on offer at Playtech Casinos, if you have never joined up to a Playtech powered online casino site before then we invite you to take a look at our reviews of two of the top rated casino using that gaming platform, both of which are listed at the foot of this page.

The aim of this game is very simple for you need to find a stake level that suits your gaming budget and playing style and then click on the start button to set the game in play. A large wheel will then spin and that wheel is divided up into several different segments.

Each segment will contain a number from 1 to 48 inclusive and once you have set the game in play the wheel will spin and one of those numbers will land in the Play Area of the wheel and that number is the one on which you have to base your initial betting decision as to whether the next number spun in will be higher or lower than that number.

The game is played off using a special bonus board, and as you correctly predict whether the number which is spun in next is higher or lower than the previous one you will move around that bonus board one position at a time.

When you make seven correct consecutive guess then you will reach the first winning position on the bonus board and will then be offered a cash prize which you can accept and if you accept it the game then ends, however if you choose to continue playing then you need to get another seven consecutive guesses correct to move onto the second winning positions where an even bigger cash prize will be awarded to you.

At the second winning position you will once again be given the option of collecting a cash prize offered to you or you can continue playing and if you opt to do the latter you will then need to make your way to the third winning position which is done by once again correctly predicting whether the next seven numbers are higher or lower than the previous ones, and at the third winning position on final cash award will be offered to you with the option to taking that cash offer or carrying on playing.

If you opt to carry on playing you then have to make it to the final winning position on that bonus board which is done by making another seven correct consecutive decisions, make it to that final winning position on the bonus board and you will win he higher valued winning payout of the game.

Stake Levels

Before you can play the Around the World Arcade game you will first have to choose one of the available stake options to play it for, the actual coin value settings are quite varied and as such no matter whether you are a high rolling player or a player who only wishes to play for very modest or even tiny stake amounts then you will have no problems choosing a stake option that suits your gaming budget.

The coin values at which you can play this game for are 0.05 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.50 and the maximum stake per game option offered on this game is 5.00. Be aware this game is also available as a fee to play game so if you simply want to test it out then you can do so without being forced to play it for real money.

Wagering Opportunities

You are not faced with a massive number of wagering opportunities when playing this Around the World game from Playtech for there are only two ways of playing it and that will be either selecting the higher button or the lower button.

As there are 48 segments on the wheel and as this game is of course certified as random then you will of course will be hoping for either very high numbers or very low numbers to be spun in on the wheel as that will give you the best chance of winning when opting the higher option when a very low number has been spun in and a lower number when a very high number has been spun in on the wheel.

Do keep in mind that by continuing players once you have made it onto one of the prize paying boxes on the bonus board you will then be putting at risk those winnings you have so far achieved, so never get too greedy when playing the fun to play Arcade game and try and collect more times than you continue playing as you will not win every time you opt to continue playing.

Where to Play Around the World Game

We have two handpicked Playtech powered casino sites listed below both of which have the Around the World arcade game on offer, checkout our individual and in-depth reviews of these two leading casino sites for details of some not to be missed sign up bonuses.

Bet365 Casino – With a generous comp club which rewards you with lots of high valued comp points whenever you play any of their games for real money and with both new player and ongoing bonuses always up for grabs you will be assured of getting the maximum value form your gambling budget when you play at the Bet365 Casino site.

Omni Casino – Another highly rated online casino that has the entire suite of Playtech powered casino and arcade games on offer is the Omni Casino site, this is one of the longest established Playtech powered casinos and you are guaranteed of getting plenty of promotional offers coming your way once you sing up as a new player. In fact their sign up offer really is too big to miss so do check it out as soon as you can do.

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