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Average Value of Playtech Progressive Jackpots

800x600_beach_lifeThere is one category of casino game that you are going to find offered at all of our featured Playtech Casinos which is very large and can always be relied on to give you an enjoyable gaming experience and will also ensure you have the very real chance of winning big, and this is of course the Playtech progressive suite of games.

However, as more and more online casino players have got wise to the fact that some progressives slot games usually have an average jackpot payout figure, which is the average amount of cash awarded to players based on the jackpots already awarded previously to other players, then most players will only start to play a progressive jackpot awarding game when the current jackpot attached to any game has risen above that average payout amount.

With this in mind, below you are going to find the entire of Playtech progressive games and listed alongside each of them is the average amount of cash awarded to players. We have looked at all previous jackpots won on each of these games and the amount of cash awarded to each player, and we have then worked out the average value of the jackpots offered on each of those games.

So when you next log into your favourites Playtech powered site if any of the follow games jackpots are above the amounts listed below then it may be worth your while playing those games. If you are looking or a Playtech powered casino at which to play at then we can highly recommend Bet365 Casino or Omni Casino, for a review of either of those two casinos simply click on the links and we will present you with an in-depth overview and review of what each of those casinos have to offer you.

When to Play Playtech Progressive Slots

Below is the collection of Playtech progressive slot games and alongside each of them is the average amount of cash awarded to winners of each games progressive jackpot. Please be aware that when playing at each of our feature Playtech casino sites you are able to pick one of several different currencies as the base currency for your casino account. We have listed the jackpot payouts in Dollars, but you are able to play any of the following games in Euros and UK Pounds and a range of other currencies if you so wish.

Beach Life – The Beach Life slot has an average jackpot which is won by players of $3,080,627, but due to the size of those average jackpots they are not won for quiet some long periods of time.

Marvel Ultimate Power – The jackpot which you will want to win when playing Marvel Jackpot slots is the Ultimate Power one, and the average amount won by players winning hat jackpot is a huge $607,309.

Gold Rally – The Gold Rally slot game is a popular progressive slot and this particular game awards its jackpots on average at the $1,072,482 mark.

Magic Slots $5 – There are quite a number of Magic slots available at Playtech powered casinos all of which offer different fixed coin values, when playing the $5 version of this game the average jackpot payout amount won by players is a very large $154,988.

Progressive Blackjack – Should you not wish to play progressive slots but would much prefer playing progressive card games then Playtech Progressive Blackjack game variant is always worth you checking out, this game has an ever rising jackpot which is won on average around the $102,254 mark.

Diamond Valley – The average jackpot payout awarded to winners playing the Diamond Valley slot which for reference is a video slot game is some $117,055.

Jackpot Darts $1 – The Jackpot Darts game is found in the Arcade Game section of all Playtech powered sites, this game is like no other for it is completely themed around a game of darts and you will be playing a game on which three darts must be launched at the dart board in the hope the numbers you have chosen to bet on are the ones your darts hit, this game does of course come with a progressives jackpot and it average payout amount is $94,030.

Safecracker $5 – The $5 version of Playtech Safecracker slot game which is a three reel slot has an average jackpot paid out to winning players of a large $64,985.

Jackpot Darts 50c – The 50c version of the Jackpot Darts game has a fairly high average jackpot payout amount of some $47,157, so only ever play it when the jackpot is around or higher than that figure.

Genie’s Hi Lo $5 – There are several different versions of the Genie’s Hi Lo game and the only difference is the stakes at which you can play them all for. If you choose to play the $5 version of this game then its jackpot is won on average when it reached the $8,417 mark.

Genie’s Hi Lo $2 – The $2 stake version of this game has a jackpot which is won on average when it reaches $2,812 and as such do always keep that figure in mind when you choose to play it.

Genie’s Hi Lo $1 – Another Genie’s Hi Lo game is the $1 version, and as you would expect the average jackpot payout won on this game is lower than the higher stake version, and that figure is some $1,408.

Genie’s Hi Lo 50c – The lowest stake version of the Genies Hi Lo game is the 50c version and this games average jackpot payout amount is quite a reasonable amount which for reference is $1,122.

Marvel Power – The Marvel Jackpot range of slots have several progressives jackpots attached to them and the Marvel Power jackpot is won very regularly and the current average amount won by playing is $557.

Mega Jacks – One final progressive game you may be interested in playing is the Mega Jacks game, this is a Video Poker game with a progressive jackpot up for grabs which is won on average when it is around the $1,122 mark.

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