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Benefits Bestowed on Casino High Rollers

Our Complete Guide to High Rolling is made up of a large number of articles and casino game playing guides that are tailored for everyone who enjoys playing at online casino sites but chooses to play for high stake amounts.

Should you be a regular high roller at a land based casino then you will of course probably be a member of a comp club or reward scheme at the casino or casinos you regularly play at. If you are considering moving some or all of your real money gaming action over to the online gaming environment, then you will of course be interested to learn what benefits will be available to you when playing for high stakes at an online casino.

It is worth keeping in mind that not all online casinos have the same comp clubs and loyalty schemes in place, and as such you should be prepared to spend quite some time researching the individual benefits that will be bestowed on your by signing up to different online casinos, as there can and is some huge differences in regards to the player rewards schemes found in place at all online casinos.

We will now enlighten you on the main benefits and extras you will find on offer at various online casino sites, and will introduce you to a range of online casinos that will give you these benefits and little extras.

Increased Stake Levels

It is usually the case that when you are playing at an online casino site you may find the actual maximum stake limits you can play your chosen games for are not as high as you have hoped, and as such playing them for the kinds of stakes you prefer is not going to be possible.
However, there are some online casinos that have the ability to change the stake level options a player can choose to play their games for themselves, and with this in mind if you have been having a few problems finding an online casino that offers a range of game you enjoy playing for stake levels you want to play them for then do consider playing at the Win Palace Casino site.

Same Day Payouts

To be paid the very same day that you request a withdrawal from an online casino is something that not a lot of sites are equipped to offer their players. However, when you become a player at casinos such as the Bet365 Casino you will often find that as soon as you have requested a winning payout it will be processed and sent back to you the same day.

It is of course going to be dependent on what method of banking option you choose as to whether they can pay you the very same day, but as one of their VIP Players they will always do whatever it takes to ensure you get paid rapidly, as by paying you the same day as you request a winning payout you are likely to remain a loyal player, so it works both ways.

High Cash Out Limits

On every annoying problem high rolling online casino game players are going to come across at several online casinos is that even though a casino will never limit just how much you can deposit, you will often find there are very strict limits in place in regards to how much you can cash out in a given time period.

You will be best advised to make sure as part of your checklist when choosing any casino at which to play at, you are going to have no ridiculously low maximum limits imposed on you, for if you opt to play at a site offering low limits on your withdrawals you can often find yourself waiting months or even years to get paid your winnings when you finally win a huge amount of cash.

The best sites to play at in regards to having access to withdrawal limits that suit your high stake gambling are those own by large and very well known companies, and on site that you are never going to have any problems cashing out at is the Bet365 Casino site.

Bet365 own and operate several types of gambling sites and they do have a large number of very high rolling players on their books, and as such they have tailored their banking interface to give those players access to large cash out limits and are therefore a site we can recommend to you.

VIP Host

As any high rolling player will know, when it comes to you bagging all manner of little extras it is far easier to achieve this by having one point of contact in a casino, and this is where it will pay dividends for you to sign up and play at the Royal Vegas Casino.

As one of their high stake players you will have your own dedicated VIP Host and that person is going to be in a position to give you a wide and very varied range of extras without having to escalate the request up to the casino manager.

If you do not ask you will not get, so never be afraid of asking your dedicated VIP Casino Host for extras, as they are going to want to keep you happy and loyal to their brand and as such will often go above and beyond what is expected of them to enable you to get the maximum playing value by asking for and then being given all manner of extras.

Increased Comp Points

You are going to find most online casinos will have in place a comp or loyalty club that is made up of many different tiers, as a player you will rise up through these tiers based on how much you wager each month.

The more you play and the more you will and the higher you rise up through the tiers of any comp and loyalty club is going to see you being awarded more and more comp points based on your level of real money action.

Once site that operates just such a comp club is the Virgin Casino, this site is famed for being something of a high rollers play ground and as such every aspect of their casino site, most importantly their comp club has been designed with high rollers in mind.

As such as you rise through the ranks of their comp club you will find you get awarded far more comp points much quicker than you ever would playing at any other casino site, and this will enable you to turn those high volume of comp points your high stakes will be amassing into additional playing credits.

It is not just casino credits you can turn your comp points into, for there are a large range of other things you may wish to turn your comp points, so do take a look over their website for more details.

Lower Comp Redemption Levels

By becoming a high rolling player at online casinos such as the Win Palace Casino then you are going to naturally be earning comp points at a much quicker rate. To ensure you get the maximum playing value based on the level of your stakes, when playing at this casino site you will soon work your way through the ranks of their comp club and will benefit from much lower redemption rates in regards to turning your accumulated comp points into playing credits.

The Win Palace Casino do pull out all of the stops to ensure every one of their high rolling players gets the maximum by way of comps and little extras, and as such do not be too surprised if when playing here for high stake amounts if the manager gets in touch and adds a large amount of free credits in your account from time to time to show their appreciation of your valued custom.

Tailored Bonus Offers

As you are likely to have just a small number of games you enjoy playing over all other games then do not be too surprised when playing at any online casino site if those casinos send out a range of tailored promotional offers.

You will often find casinos such as the Vegas Crest Casino send out unique and excusive deposit match bonuses to their high rolling players and they will ensure those bonuses can be utilized on the game or games you prefer to play.

Invitational Events

Some of the much larger and busier online casinos are going to have on offer a range of events which could be in the real world or within their respective casino sites, and these events are invitational only and as a high rolling player you can find yourself being given access to a range of unique events based solely on your level of play.

Some casinos have party days in their casinos whereby players are given access to free playing credits and can win a range of merchandise, and some casinos hold regular land based events whereby they will pay you all of your expenses to attend that event and will be wined an dined and entertainment will be provided.

In fact there are some casinos that hold special promotions whereby they will pay for a large number of their players to go on a holiday cruise and will be given access to prize draws and all manner of cash giveaways whilst on that cruise.

That casino is the Royal Vegas Casino site, and if you are a high rolling casino game player they really will treat you like royalty. They offer a comprehensive array of different gaming platforms including a mobile, downloadable and an instant play gaming platform, and they are a casino site we can recommend to anyone who enjoys playing the huge suite of Microgaming software powered games.

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