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Best Paying Quickfire Casino Games

retro-reels-extreme-heat-slotThis is another of our playing guides that is going to introduce you to the best paying casino games in each category of games that are available on the Quickfire Gaming Platform. With over 400 games readily available by having a good look through this guide we will enlighten you as to the games you ought to be playing, as those games listed below have the lowest house edges and the highest payout percentages.

Video Poker Games

Let us start of by showcasing you the very highest paying games found in the Video Poker category, playing Video Poker is quite easy once you master each hand combination and the way of playing each base hand dealt, but these are the games you really should be making a beeline for as each of them offer the highest payout percentages.

All Aces – You are probably never going to need to look at playing any other Video Poker games other than the All Aces game, for when playing it you will benefit from a payout percentage of a very high 99.92% if you play five coins per game and play the game perfectly.

Jacks or Better – You will find the Jacks or Better game is easy to understand, play and master and if you choose to give this game any amount of play time, then thanks to its pay table the game should return, over the long term, an RTP of a high 99.54%, but the game listed above offers a much higher RTP so only play this game if for whatever reason the above game is not available.

Blackjack Games

There are two Blackjack games variants worth playing at any online casino that uses the Quickfire Gaming Platform, you will find both one excellent casino site offering this platform is the Bet365 Casino, at which all new players can pick up a large sign up bonus.

Classic Blackjack – The house edge of the Classic Blackjack single hand game you will be playing against when logged into a Quickfire casino site is very low, in fact playing this game perfectly will see the house edge being just 0.13%.

Vegas Single Deck – Another Blackjack game variant worth getting stuck into playing is the Vegas Single Deck game, whilst the house edge is not as impressive as the above game, if you master playing this particular variant the house edge works out at a quite low and generous 0.35%, but that Classic Blackjack game mentioned above is the game you really should get stuck into playing.

Casino Poker Card Games

If you prefer playing casino game games such as poker games then below are two of the better paying variants offered at any casino utilizing the Quickfire Gaming Platform, the payout percentages of these two games are quite similar but it is the top listed one you will get more winning chances on when playing.

Triple Pocket Hold‘em Poker – This is one of the latest casino poker games which has gone live online, very easy to play and with one of the highest payout percentages found on such games which is 97.74%. You should get plenty of winning opportunities and winning hand combinations dealt out to you whenever you play it.

Cyberstud Poker – The Cyberstud Poker game is quite a strategic game which has a similar pay table to a video poker game, its RTP is 97.54% and as such it should be worth playing, if of course you enjoy playing such card games.

Video Slots

As you will soon find out when you play at any casino site using the no download Quickfire Gaming Platform, there are no shortages of video slot games. They come with loads of different playing structures such as standard optional pay line slots to the All Ways type slots. Bonus games are also on offer on all slots on this gaming platform, and below are two of the very best paying ones you will find.

Hot Ink Feature Slot – This Hot Ink video slot should keep you playing for quite a long time and that is due to its RTP being certified as being a very high 97.50%.

Retro Reels Extreme Heat – Another slot which comes with a long term expected payout percentage of 97.50% is the Retro Reels Extreme Heat slot game, there are several slot in the Retro Reels series, however this one offers you the highest RTP and as such it is of course the one you ought to play.

Unique Games

Two of the highest paying unique types of casino games found at the vast majority of casinos that utilize the Quickfire gaming platform are listed below, make sure you are the least check them out via the free play option as they are very exciting games to play the like of which you will not have seen before.

Four by Four – This game is like the Connect 4 game that has been around for quite a while thanks to a very high RTP of 96.87% it is a game worth playing.

Bubble Bonanza – If those games which end in Saga such as Candy Crush Saga excite you then this is a very similar game and one that you can play for real money and win real money when playing! Its payout percentage is high working out at 96.87%.

Scratch Cards

The final batch of top paying games we would like to introduce you to are the scratchcard games, the two listed below boast identical RTP’s and the only different is the way the play out and have been themed and designed, so either game is worth playing.

Crypt Crusade Gold – If you do decide to play Scratchcards at an online casino using the Quickfire software platform casino then this one is a good choice as its payout percentage is 96.66%.

Six Shooter Looter – This game has an identical RTP to the one above so either game should be worth playing. This Six Shooter Looter games is also a multi stake game and its RTP is 96.66%.

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