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Best Slots Tournaments for February 2016

mega-moolah-mainIf like us, and the vast majority of our website visitors you love nothing better that playing in lots of online slot playing sessions, then please be aware that many of our featured online casino sites have a wide range of slot tournaments up and running through each month.

It is with that in mind we have put together the following guide which is going to enlighten you on which of our listed and approved casino sites are offering you some of the best slot tournaments in February 2016.

So if you fancy trying your chances on either a completely free to enter slot tournament or a paid to enter slot tournament this month then please do read on, for there are some mega sized prize pools on offer at our highlighted casino sites below.

Top Slot Tournaments in February 2016

Please do take a look at the websites of any of the online casino sites you will find listed below as that is where you are going to find information on all of their scheduled slot tournaments. You will also find the slot tournament schedules available if you log into the casino software.

Betway Casino – If you are looking for some the cash prizes on offer on one or more slot tournament this month then make sure you access the downloadable gaming platform offered by Betway Casino.

You will find there are lots of daily slot tournaments on offer however the ones you should be tracking down and playing in are the Midweek Moolah, the Weekend Whopper and also the monthly Monster slot tournaments.

Those slot tournaments can be entered by paying a direct entry fee or you could win a direct entry into them by winning a ticket via the freeroll satellite tournaments that are held in the run up to each of those three major slot tournaments starting.

RedBet Casino – You will find that when you choose to sign up to and play at RedBet Casino you will be accessing a no download required gaming platform. That means the types of tournament you will be able to register to take part in are slightly different to the ones available at the casino above.

The type of slot tournaments you will find on offer at Betway Casino tend to be comp points based tournaments, and as such if you are the type of player who does give online slot games a lot of action in a real money mode those tournaments are going to be the ideal one’s for you to play.

If you are unsure as to how a comp points based slot tournaments is structured then please read through the section below for all will be revealed to you when you do so.

Bet365 Casino – Once you become a player at Bet365 Casino you are going to be offered some amazing player promotional offers that are going to be tailored to you and the games you enjoy playing the most.

As such you will be invited to take part in plenty of slot game tournaments each month and you will also find that you will qualify for a range of deposit match bonuses too over and above their already generous sign up deposit match bonus offer.

In fact, please do take a look over their casino website as that is where you will find a sneak preview of all to their ongoing slot tournaments and their additional slot bonuses and promotions which are planned for the days ahead.

US Player Slot Tournaments – If you are one of our US based website visitors and you are under the impression that you are not going to be able to take part in a range of different online slot tournaments due to you having only a restcirted number of casinos that you can sign up to and play at, then think again.

We have handpicked a selection of online casinos that use the Real Time Gaming software platforms that not only welcome all players that are based in the US, but also sites that are famed for their ongoing slot tournaments and their high valued new player promotional offers too.

What Types of Slot Tournaments Can I Enter Online?

One thing that you may not actually be aware of is just how an online slot tournament works, and if so then below is an easy to follow guide that will introduce you to the many different types of slot tournaments that you are always going to find being offered at various online casino sites.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments – When you locate and enter a freeroll slot tournament then you are not going to have to pay an entry fee. So by entering a freeroll slot tournament you have nothing to lose doing so. However, these types of tournaments usually are very heavily subscribed and as such the chance of you winning one of them will be very low.

Paid to Enter Slot Tournaments – There will be a much larger number of paid to enter slot tournaments that you can register to take part in at most online casino sites. Be aware though that whilst you will have to pay to enter these tournaments once you have finished your initial entry you may be allowed to carry on playing or take your entry again, but only if you pay another fee to do so.

Comp Point Slot Tournaments – Some casinos have what are known as comp points based slot tournaments. Now these different quite noticeably from the two different types of slot tournaments listed above, for you do not get a set amount of credits and play time to take your entry in these tournaments.

Instead you simply play the selected slot machines during the time period the tournament is up and running, and it will be the number of coin points you amass based on your gaming action that determines whether you win one of the prizes on offer or not.

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