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Best Strategies for Playing Playtech Video Poker Games

Should you be thinking of playing at an online casino that uses the Playtech range of games and one of their online or mobile gaming platforms, and you have something of a passion for playing Video Poker games, then we just know that you are going to find the following casino game playing guide very interesting.

For in it we are going to introduce you to each of the many different Video Poker game variants offered at all casino sites using the Playtech suite of games, and we will highlight to you the many different ways those games have been designed, and as such we will give you access to the long term expected RTP’s each games pay table should return with optional play, and give you a few pointers in regards to how you can play each game optimally.

If you are looking for a top rated Playtech powered casino site at which to play then at the foot of this Video Poker game playing guide we will introduce you to a couple of our top rated casinos both of which have the entire suite of Playtech Video poker games on offer.

Highest Paying Playtech Video Poker Game – You will not want to play any other Playtech designed Video Poker game other than the Jacks or Better variant when you discover that its pay table returns the highest RTP. But do be warned you are only going to achieve over your long term play the expected 99.54% payout percentage attached to this variant if you play five coins hands and play each initial base game hand optimally.

You should turn on the auto hold option when playing any Video Poker game variant you play whether you are accessing those games via an online or mobile gaming platform of even if you are playing them in a land based venue, for the auto hold plays each hand perfectly for you by holding the best cards on the initial hand dealt out.

Be warned though there are some multi hand variants of Jacks or Better Video Poker on offer at all online casinos using the Playtech gaming platforms and their suite of games and those games, namely the 10 hands or more variants have a pay table attached them which is set to return a much lower RTP than the single hand variant, so our tip for playing this game online at Playtech casinos is to only ever play the single hand variant which ensure you get the maximum winning chances.

Second Highest Paying Video Poker Game – As you may occasionally feel like a change of Video Poker game you are playing if you have been playing the Jacks or Better game for any amount of time when logged into a Playtech powered site, then you are going to be best advised to opt for their second highest paying variant, and that game is the Aces and Faces variant.

This game has a slightly different pay table in play on the game which will see you being awarded with a different set of winning payouts when you have been dealt four picture cards or four Aces. Be aware though that much like the Jacks or Better game mentioned above, you will find both single hand and multi hand variants of this game offered at Playtech casinos, and the multi hand games have a worse paying pay table in play on them.

So should you wish to sample the delights of playing he Aces and Faces Video poker game variant by opting to play the single hand variant you will find its RTP is high working out at some 99.26% and whilst not as high and appealing as the Jacks or Better game is that RTP is certainly higher than what is offered on the multi hand Aces and Faces game variants.

Lowest Paying Playtech Video Poker Game –Now that you know which the two best paying Video Poker games are offered at Playtech casinos we should point out one variant that you should never be tempted to play when logged in any casino using the Playtech suite of games.

This game is the Tens of Better Video poker game variant, and whilst you could be attracted to play it due to it offering winning hand combinations which are paid out starting at any pair of 10’s the long term expected RTP this game offers is very, very low and that payout percentage is certified as being a very unappealing 97.96%.

Where to Play Playtech Video Poker Games Online

Getting access to the largest range of Video poker games all of which have been designed and supplied by Playtech is not going to be too difficult, for below we have listed our two best range and highly recommended online casino sites both of which offer the entire suite of Playtech casino games and that includes all of their great playing and high paying Video Poker games.

Bet365 Casino – With their growing range of casino games and their impressive same day winning payouts you will probably never need to play at any other casino when you become a real money player at Bet365 Casino, make sure that you have a look at their new player Bonus Bundle offer which you will find full details of on their website for the sheer amount of bonus credits up for grabs is enormous and you should lock in the maximum real money playing value when you make full use of it.

Omni Casino – There will be lots of additional benefits coming your way if you choose to play at the Omni Casino site and you are playing their range of Video Poker games for real money, for their comp club is famed for its generosity and as such you will be able to accumulates lots of comp points which you are then able to redeem into real money playing credits at a time of your own choosing.

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