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Chasing the Marvel Progressive Jackpot: Day 1

This is the recap of Day 1 of the Marvel Jackpot experiment here at CasinosForMoney.com. Learn more about what this is all about by reading this article.

I have just made a €250 deposit to my Bet365 account to get this experiment started. The Fantastic Four online slot machine is currently running on “Auto Play” until I hit something interesting at which point I will record a video to show that this project is not just me making stuff up. I only have time to put in about 2 hours of play today so I don’t really expect to reach the Marvel Progressive Jackpot round today but I’m sure there will be a couple of free spin rounds that I can post on our Youtube account for you to see.

Minor Win on Free Spins

I had been playing for about 30 minutes when I finally managed to get my first decent sized win of the day by getting to the free spins round. At the end of the free spins I only ended up winning €44.64 but at least it will probably be enough to ensure that my bankroll will last at least the day.

Another Free Spins Winner

About 5 minutes after I hit the first free spins round I managed to get there again and this time I won a little bit more. At the end of the free spins I had added €69.48 to my bankroll and at this point I am actually making a profit for the day.

The downside is however that someone else hit the “Extra Power Jackpot” that was up at over €4000 so if I should reach the Jackpot round at this point I don’t have much to hope for other than the “Ultimate Power Jackpot“, and that one is only hit in the fairy tales.

One More Win on The Free Spins

It took me about another 30 minutes of play before I got to the free spins round again and this time I didn’t win much at all. When it was all said and done I only had a €35.16 win to show for it. I am still making a profit for the day though which is more that I would have expected, actually I would have guesses I would have to reload at this point but I’m still going strong in my hunt for the Marvel Progressive Jackpot round.

Biggest Free Spins Win of the Day

With just 21 spins left on the Auto Play before I was going to call it a day I managed to hit yet another free spins round on the Fantastic Four slot machine. This time it actually gave a really good payoff and it will leave me with a decent bankroll for tomorrow’s adventures. At the end of this free spin round I had won a total of €136.98. For some reason this video got really messed up. There’s a problem with the sound and the ending is missing but most of it is there and if you turn of the sound it’s not that annoying.

One More Free Spin Win for the Road

I really thought I was done for the day as I only had 21 more spins to go before I would have to call it a day but 9 spins after the last free spins win I actually got another shot at it. This time I only won €23.34 but that’s to be expected as I had just come off another free spins win.

Rounding Up Day 1

I decided to play another 56 Auto spins to get it up to 650 spins for the day, it just seemed like a nice and even number. Not much of importance happened during those spins so I am going to call it quits for the day. I am happy that I ended up making a profit for the day but I am still chasing that Marvel Jackpot and I wont be giving up until I get there and have the video proof to show for it.

These are the stats at the end of day 1

Starting Balance: €250

Closing Balance: €304.64

Profit/Loss for the Day: +€54.64

Spins Played: 650

Free Spin Rounds Won: 5

Amount of Time Played: 2 Hours and 10 Minutes

Biggest Win of the Day: €136.98

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