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Don’t Get Stung Playing Playtech Video Poker Games Online

There are two things that when you are thinking of start playing Video Poker games online that you should never do, the first is to settle down and start playing the variants which have less than generous pay tables attached to them and the other thing you should never do is play any video poker game with anything less than the perfect playing strategy required to play the variant you are playing.

When playing at any of our high rated Playtech Casinos such as the large and very player friendly Bet365 Casino or the Omni Casino site that is famed for their generous comp club and ongoing bonus offers you will come across lots of different video poker games, and whilst two or more games may share the same name but may offer you the option of putting in play a different number of hands per single game you play off, some of the games offered boast different long term expected payout percentages.

You will want to have the maximum winning opportunities when playing any video poker games online at any Playtech powered casino site, and as such we invite you to have a look through the following guide which is going to show you which video poker games are the ones you need to look out for and play and which ones will never be worth playing due to their design and more importantly their pay tables.

Reduced Pay Tables – There are some Playtech video poker games offering you the option of playing 10 or more hands per game, now when you are in a video poker game playing frame of mind and are looking for games on which you can play as many hands as possible during any single session played then you are more than likely going to make a beeline for those multi hand variants.

However, two variants structured as multi hand games that you should never be attracted to play are the Jacks or Better game and the Aces and Faces variant, as for reasons best known to only Playtech they have attached to those games a reduced pay table.

Those lower paying pay tables results in the multi hand 10 or more hand Aces and Face variant playing out with an expected RTP of 95.44% instead of the single hands expected RTP of 99.26%, the multi hand 10 hands or more Jacks or Better games RTP is 97.30% which when compared to the 99.54% RTP offered on the single hand variant makes that multi hand game unplayable for any savvy video poker player.

Multiple Choice Gamble Game – Most video poker players when they have the option of turning off the gamble game on any video poker game variant they are playing will do so, for that gamble game is going to always have a negative effect on your winning chances.

However, it is worth noting that when playing any of Playtech’s range of video poker games they have chosen to design their gamble game slightly different to other game designers, and as such you will not only have the choice for example of gambling the entire value of any base game hand you have been dealt out and awarded, but you can opt to gamble just half of it.

But do keep in mind no matter how appealing any video poker games gamble game may appear you are always advised never to gamble any winning hand combinations value, and as such do not be tempted to gamble any winnings at all, as you already have the base games payout percentage to contend with and you will be reducing your chances of winning when you keep on taking the gamble game option.

Variants You Should Play – There are of course some very high paying video poker games that are always going to be worth you playing when logged into a Playtech powered casino site, and those are obviously the games which boast the best pay tables and will therefore over the long term give you back more of your stake money as winning payouts.

Playtech’s Jacks or Better video poker game is currently the one game they have available that comes with the highest expected long term RTP and as such if you choose to give it some play time you will be playing a variant that is going to return on average, over the long term 99.54% of your stakes as winning payouts.

There is another Playtech video poker game which comes with a payout percentage in excess of 99% and that is their Aces and Faces variant which has a pay table which returns an RTP of 99.26%, however as mentioned above stick to playing the single hand variants of those two games as the multi hand variants have much lower paying pay tables attached to them.

Reduced Minimum Bet Payouts – Finally if you are new to playing video poker then always be aware that the vast majority of online and land based variants will have been designed to award the highest winning payouts on their pay tables to players who choose to play the maximum coins per hand.

You will find that you are able to play on most video poker games from 1 to 5 coins per hand dealt out to you, and whilst you may think playing for one coin per hand will make your money last longer, due to the payouts being increased often on the jackpot paying hand when playing five coins per hand you will often lose out when those hands are finally dealt out to you.

So play any video poker game variant which has an enhanced jackpot payout when played with 5 coins per hand with five coins activated, as most Playtech video poker game variants will let you adjust the actual coin values yourself, then by lowering the coin values to ones your gambling budget can sustain you will always be able to play maximum coins and will never lose out on the enhanced jackpot hand payout.

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