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Guide to Best Playtech Casino Bonuses

When you sign up as a new player at any online casino site you are of course going to be able to take advantage of a wide range of sign up bonuses and special exclusive welcome promotional offers. But there are quite a number of different gaming platforms available and as such you will find the way you can claim bonuses at some online casinos ate different to the way you claim them at casino using different gaming platforms and software.

In fact the actual bonuses themselves can be quite different at some online casino sites, and as such in this section of our website we are going o take a look at the type of casino bonuses offered at Playtech powered casinos, and will let you know how you can claim them.

Which Playtech Casinos have the Best Bonuses?

Whilst there are dozens of different online casinos that use Playtech gaming platforms and suite of games, we have handpicked to site that we are completely confident are going to give you the very best online gaming experience no matter when you choose to play at either site.

We have a full review of each of these casinos, and being our top rated Playtech powered sites we have negated some exclusive promotional offers which all new players are able to claim, so please do make sure you checkout our review of these two sites by clicking on the respective links below, as those bonuses that you can claim are very generous indeed.

Bet365 Casino – You will not only be able to play Playtech games at the Bet365 Casino site for they also have a range of other supplier’s games on offer. This means you are going to have a truly enormous range of games which can all be played instantly and for free or for real money whenever you get the urge to have a casino game playing session online.

Omni Casino – The Omni Casino site was one of the first fully functional online casinos to appear online using the Playtech gaming platforms, and for many years now they have been the number one choice of casino game players thanks to their constant roll out of new games and overly generous new player and regular player bonuses and promotional offers.

Be aware that if you have never played any Playtech designed casino games before then by signing up to any of the above two casinos you will be able to log into your newly opened account as a guest player. By doing so you will then have an unlimited supply of free play no risk credits which you can use to test drive any of the hundreds of different game each site has on offer.

What Types of Playtech Bonuses are Available?

There are going o be many different special one off bonus offers available at most Playtech powered casino sites, however below are the three most commonly awarded ones. We invite you to check out the websites of our two featured Playtech casino sites listed below for when you do so you will discover all of this month’s new player and existing player bonus offers that are available at those two top rated casinos.

No Deposit Bonuses – Some Playtech casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new players, but many Playtech sites will also give their loyal players these types of bonuses at certain times of the year also including at Christmas, New Year and on their Birthdays.

Deposit Match Bonuses – Deposit Match bonuses are the most commonly available bonuses offered by Playtech powered casino sites, and it is going o be worth your time and effort shopping around and comparing these types of bonuses as some casinos offer bonuses in excess of 100% of your deposited amount.

Cash Back Bonuses – You may find form time to time you get offered a Cash Back bonus and when you do any losses your incur during one or more gaming session will see you getting a percentage of those losses back.

Obviously all casino bonuses will come with a set of terms and conditions and you are going to have to ensure that you read through those terms and conditions and follow any and all of the bonus playing rules, when claiming and making use of any type of bonus.

Comp Points – We you are playing at either of our two listed Playtech casino sites for real money as you play any game you will be accumulating comp or loyalty points irrespective of whether your wagers are winning ones or losing ones. By clicking onto the banking interface you will find your current comp or loyalty point balance.

If you have run out of playing credits and wish to exchange your accumulated comp points then you can do just that by following the onscreen instructions and your comp and loyalty points will then be exchanged for casino credits instantly.

How to Claim Playtech Casino Bonuses

Claiming bonuses at Playtech software driven sites is not going o be in anyway complicated, for all you need to do is to make a qualifying deposit into your casino account sing he very easy to use banking interface and then the bonus you are claiming will instantly be credited to your casino account.

If you are claiming a new player bonus then that is going to be the only one initially available to you, and once you make your first deposit a small pop up window will appear and it is via that pop up window that you can either choose to accept the bonus funds which are then instantly added to your casino account balance, or if you do not wish to claim it you can opt to reject the bonus and simply play with your own funds.

After you have made your initial deposit ay additional bonus offers you will be able to claim will be displayed on the casinos website and you may also receive a range of tailor made and exclusive bonus offers via email from the Playtech casino you have sign up to.


  • Tommy November 12, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    I don’t really like playing with bonuses at online casinos due to the strict turnover requirements but at Bet365 I always claim the bonus when it’s available because you are usually allowed to clear them at their live dealer games as well as the slots which makes it a lot easier.

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