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  • Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Hit, I struggle on: Day 4

Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Hit, I struggle on: Day 4

It’s been a couple of days since I played my last spin on a Marvel Jackpot slot but today I got in the mood to continue to play. When I logged in to my Bet365 Casino account and opened up the Thor online slot I noticed that the “Ultimate Jackpot“, which is the biggest one out of the four had been hit by someone else while I had been on a break for a couple of days. That’s not going to affect my project though as I don’t really care which one of the four jackpots I would hit once I get there, I just want to see how long it would take to get a shot at it.

To start off the day I’m going to give it 500 spins on “Thor – The Mighty Avenger” slot machine and after that I’ll probably move on to another online slot to complete my 1000 spins of today.

First Free Games Win on Thor Slot

It took me exactly 119 spins on Thor The Mighty Avenger before I got to the free games round which is a bit longer than it usually takes on these types of online slot machines. During the free games I did win more than the average win though so I guess that evens out. When it was all said and done I had won €81 during the free games which is not too bad in my opinion.

Pretty Bad Run at Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot

After completing my 500 spins on the Thor online slot machine I had won just one shot at the free games where my total win was €81. This is probably the worst run I’ve had since I started this project and I’m already down about €200 for the day (had to reload the account again in order to keep playing).

I am now moving on to the Iron Man 2 online slot machine which is also a part of the Marvel Jackpot and I will give it a go over 500 spins before I can it a day.

Finally Some Free Games on Iron Man 2 Slot

I had been playing the Iron Man 2 online slot for what felt like ages (466 spins to be exact) when I finally got a free games round. I think this is by far the longest I have ever gone without winning any kind of bonus of free games. Since it had taken me so long to get there I half expected the payout to be pretty good but I ended up winning only €64 and some change which leaves me on a big negative for the day.

Another Day With 1000 Spins and No Marvel Jackpot

After the one and only free games round on the Iron Man 2 slot I only had another 34 spins left before I reached my 1000 spins for the day. Nothing much happened over those spins and I don’t have much more to report on other than a big fat negative for the day. This is by far the worst I have ever done during any slot session ever as far as I can remember.

Below are the stats at the end of day 4

Starting Balance: €169.35 + €200 Reload

Closing Balance: €28.35

Profit/Loss for the Day: -€341

Spins Played on Thor Slot: 500

Spins Played on Iron Man 2 Slot: 500

Free Spin Rounds Won on Iron Man 2 Slot: 1

Free Spin Rounds Won on Thor Slot: 1

Amount of Time Played: 2 Hours and 50 Minutes

Biggest Win of the Day: €81

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