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Mastering the Playtech Blackjack Games

The only aspect about playing Blackjack games online that you need to factor into any online Blackjack game playing session you take part in, is that you need to select a variant of Blackjack to play which when played optimally is going to result in that variant playing with the very lowest house edge.

The lower the house edge any Blackjack games has attached to it via the game play rules and the associated winning hand payouts and the lower the number of decks of cards in play in any Blackjack games shoe the better.

However, you will need to master playing each Blackjack game variant you do decide to access and play at any Playtech software powered sites optimally before you start to play those games for real money. Learning to play Blackjack correctly and being able to play each and every hand perfectly does of course come with experience, and with this in mind you are going to be able to play any of the following Blackjack game variants at out featured Playtech powered casinos completely free of charge at any time you choose to log into them.

By playing for free before you do put at risk any of your real money gaming budget is going to allow you to master playing each variant listed below, and to enable you to find out which is the best variant to play we have listed all Playtech Blackjack games below and will let you know what their respective house edges work out at when playing each of them optimally.

Blackjack Switch – You should spend as much time as you can mastering the way that the Blackjack Switch game works, for this game is the lowest house edge game available at Playtech powered casino sites and when playing it optimally you will be up against a tiny house edge of just 0.16%.

The way that this game has been structured is as a six deck game, however when playing it you have to pay and put into play two different hands, but as soon as the Dealer has dealt out two cards to each of those hands you are then able to swap one card from each hand to the other, and that is how you can then get that house edge down so low, but you will of course need to learn just which cards to swap between hands and when.

Blackjack Surrender – There is another Blackjack game variant on offer at Playtech powered casino sites that comes with a fairly low house edge and that is the game of Blackjack Surrender. Be aware though that once you have fully mastered playing this particular variant the lowest house edge you will be up against will be 0.39% and as such the above Blackjack game variant would be a much better variant to play.

However, having said that, the unique feature about the Blackjack Surrender game is that at various points in time when playing this game you are going to be able to give up your hand by surrendering it, and that playing rule will see you getting half of your initial stake returned to you and your hand will then be removed from live play. But do be aware there are only certain times when making the Surrender move is the correct strategic move to make, and as such do spend a little time researching when you should surrender your hand for doing that at the wrong time will increase the house edge you are up against.

Playtech Progressive Blackjack – One of the other Blackjack games that you may be interested in playing when you see it being offered at a Playtech software powered casino site is their Progressive Blackjack game. What will probably catch your eye when you see this game in the game menu and launch it, is that there is the chance of winning a very large progressive jackpot.

However, this is sadly a game we would not advise you to play unless the jackpot is at a point in time when it is higher than it has ever been, for due to you being required to place a side bet to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot attached to this game and that side bet having its own very high house edge by playing his variant and placing that side bet the base games 0.49% house edge will be massively increased.

As such if you do wish to play Blackjack at any Playtech powered online casino site we would advise you to stay clear of the Progressive Blackjack game and concentrate all of your playing efforts on the Blackjack Switch game instead for you will not find a lower house edge variant on offer at Playtech casinos.

Where to Play Playtech Blackjack Games Online

Do not waste your time looking around and trying to figure out which Playtech powered casino site is going to give you the ultimate online gaming experience, for below we have listed both of our top rated Playtech powered sites where you are guaranteed to get the best promotional offers, fast winning payouts and each site listed below have years of experience under their belts and have always been casinos you can rely on.

Bet365 Casino – You will find it is the rapid cash outs you will be experiencing when you play and win at the Bet365 Casino site that will impress you the most, for if you request a winning cash out you will find this leading Playtech powered casino site will get those winnings processed and sent to you often within minutes of you requesting them.

Omni Casino – It is the casino comp club on offer at the Omni Casino site that many players find appealing, for every time you play any of their casino games, including all of their Blackjack games for real money you are going to be earning and accumulating comps which you can then instantly yourself turn into additional real money playing credits.

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