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Mobile Blackjack Tournaments

We are often asked which mobile casino sites offer casino game tournaments, and whilst you will often find several mobile casinos offering slot tournaments when you are looking for a casino offering mobile Blackjack tournaments then sadly there are not many sites that do. However, we are pleased to let you know that Bet365 Casino do offer regular Blackjack tournaments and as such that is the casino you need to be a member of to take part in them.

Be aware that the mobile Blackjack Tournaments held at Bet365 Casino are not on offer all of the time for they tend to spread them out at various times of the month, however we shall now give you an idea of just how these tournaments are structured which will enable you to make your own mind up as to whether they will be worth your time and effort entering.

Mobile Blackjack Tournament Structure

The way in which Bet365 Casino tends to structure their mobile Blackjack Tournaments is by putting in place a guaranteed prize pool, which the last time they ran one was a very large 2000.00 and that prize was divided up on the leader board to ensure that all those finishing in the top 25 positions picked up a share of the prize funds.

When taking part in their Blackjack Tournaments you simply need to play Blackjack with your own real money funds and you are awarded with one of their comp points for every 10.00 worth of wagers you place, the aim of course being that you end the tournament with more points earned and amassed than any other of the entrants.

The way in which the prize pool was distributed on the mobile Blackjack tournament was very simple to understand the first, second, third fourth and fifth players who accumulated the highest number of comp points each picked up a prize worth 400.00, 300.00, 240.00, 200.00 and 160.00 respectively.

Players finishing in the sixth to tenth places on the Blackjack Tournament leader board all picked up a share of the prize pool which for reference was 120.00, 80.00, 60.00, 50.00 and 40.00 respectively, all those finishing in positions 11 to 15 picked up 30.00 and the players listed on the leader board positions 16 to 25 at the end of the tournament each won 20.00.

The prize pools you will find on any additional and any ongoing Blackjack Tournament can and will vary in size and as such you will always need to take a look over the tournaments rules for full details of just how much cash is on offer along with details of just how many entrants will have a chance of winning a share of that prize pool.

Be aware that some Blackjack Tournaments that are available to mobile casino players do not require you to opt in or register to take part in them for much like the one offered at Bet365 Casino you simply need to start playing their real money Blackjack game on their mobile gaming platform and you will be automatically entered into that tournament.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

As with any mobile Blackjack Tournament there will be a set of rules attached to those you find offered and as such look out for both the starting time and ending time of the tournament for you need to be logged into the mobile casino site in between those times to take your turn in the tournament, and also be aware you may also be required to make a deposit of a certain amount to be sure you have been entered into the tournament.

As each mobile Blackjack Tournament is going to be structured in a different way please do read through all of the terms and conditions of each one you are thinking of entering for those terms and conditions along with any additional rules will need to be adhered to if you are to ensure you have been entered into the tournament and your score is being added to the leaderboard.

Mobile Blackjack Tournament Tips

We know that many of your reading this guide to playing mobile Blackjack Tournaments is going to be wondering whether there are any tips we can pass onto you in the hope that you can put those tips into place when you next take part in any such tournament you come across.

However, as the game of Blackjack is of course a game of part chance and part skill, then one of the best tips we can pass onto your for taking part in mobile Blackjack Tournaments is to make sure that you have fully mastered the best playing strategy for the Blackjack game variant being offered on any tournament you enter.

There are a huge number of different mobile Blackjack game variants that you are going to come across at various different mobile casinos and each variant you will come across and find attached to any mobile Blackjack Tournament is going to have its own perfect playing strategy and as such you will need to learn playing perfect strategy if you want to have the maximum chances of winning.

Be aware however that some Blackjack players when entering a tournament, more so those tournaments on which you are given a set of tournament credits and a small amount of time to use them, will play Blackjack in a very different way than when playing this card game in tournaments such as those offered at Bet365 Casino.

What those players tend to do is to play in a boom or bust type way and they will simply play the maximum bet permitted on every single hand they are dealt out in the hope that they get a series of winning outcomes and due to the high stakes they wagered for this often shoots them right up the leaderboard.

However, be aware that playing in that type of way is very high risk and often playing in the way will see those players losing their tournament credits quickly and they will often find they never get a series of consecutive winning outcomes and as such never pick up a share of the prize pool on offer.

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