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Mobile Roulette Tournaments

There are plenty of benefits to be had by signing up to all of our featured mobile casino sites, however if you make the very wise decision of becoming a new player over at the Bet365 Casino site you are going to find that not only do they have a large range of mobile casino games compatible with all mobile devices, but you are going to be able to take part in a large range of mobile casino game tournaments.

Should you be looking for a first class mobile casino at which you can take part in a range of different Mobile Roulette Tournaments then this mobile site is worthy of your custom for they have several of them available on an ongoing basis and the cash prizes you are going to be able to win are huge.

Keep on reading to find out just how easy it is to enter and take part in the mobile Roulette game tournaments offered at Bet365 Casino and to also discover just what you could win when you do take part in them, for there are some massive prize pools attached to all of their many different mobile casino game tournaments and all you need to do to have a chance of winning a share of those high prize pools is enter those tournaments and amass a high score.

Mobile Roulette Tournament Structure

You do not need to register, sign up or even pay an entry fee to take part in the many ongoing mobile Roulette game tournaments on offer at the Bet365 Casino site, for the only requirement is that you make a deposit into your mobile casino account of a certain value on the days the tournament is running and then simply play their Roulette game and that is it.

As you play off each spin of the Roulette game at the Bet365 Mobile casino site and are playing for real money then each time you have wagered a total of 10.00 which can be through a single bet placed onto the table or a series of lower valued ones, you are then awarded with one comp point.

It are those accumulated comp points that you will be earning as your play their real money Roulette game that is going to see you working your way up the tournament leader board for the higher you rise up the better your chances will be of winning one of the cash prize up for grabs in the tournament, to be aware is does not matter whether your wagers are winning or losing one’s as soon as you stake a total of 10.00 on the Roulette game you will be given one comp point.

This means the more winning spins you achieve the more likely you are to accumulate more and more comp points without having to keep on making a fresh deposit to earn more comp points.

Roulette Tournament Rules

As long as you have made a qualifying deposit and then start to play the mobile Roulette game offered at the Bet365 Casino site on the day their Roulette game tournaments are running then you will be automatically entered into that tournament, the usual amount you need to deposit to be entered into the tournament is 50.00 however that is subject to change at all times so always make sure that your read through the specific rules attached to the tournament you are thinking of entering.

Once you play and earn comp points then your score will be growing, these tournaments often run for 24 full hours so the long you play and the more you end up wagering and therefore earning more and more comp points the more likely you are to reach a prize paying position on the Roulette tournaments leader board.

Be aware that Bet365 Casino often offers a tournament prize pool of 2000.00 which will be divided up into 25 different amounts and those cash prizes are then awarded to the players who have scored the most comp points during the tournament. The cash awards will come with a small play through requirements and once you have reached that play through requirement you are free to withdraw them along with any additional winnings you have managed to win when reaching the play through requirements.

As you are playing with your own real money funds when taking part in the Roulette tournaments offered at the Bet365 mobile casino site you are no forced to just play Roulette should out fancy a change of pace then you are free to play any other mobile casino game they have on offer but it will only be the comp points earned when playing their Roulette game that will be added to your tournament score.

Mobile Roulette Tournament Tips

Some mobile and online casinos will force you to play the American Roulette game when taking part in their tournaments, and as that game has two zeros and a huge house edge those tournaments offer poor value to players.

However, when you are taking part in the Bet365 Casinos Roulette tournaments you are going to be able to play the European Roulette game which has just one single zero attached to the wheel and therefore offers you more winning opportunities due to a much lower house edge, so the first tip we can give you is obviously concentrate your Roulette tournament game play at Bet365 Casino and not casinos offering the double zero Roulette game variant on their respective tournaments.

Also do not forget that you are able to play wagers of any value onto the Roulette tables betting layout when entering a Bet365 Casino mobile Roulette game tournament, and as such make sure that you always stake your wagers to allow you to get as many spins in as possible, for over staking your bets could see you losing too quickly and you will never amass a high enough score to pick up a tournament cash prize if you do end up busting out too quickly.

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