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Mobile Slot Tournaments

If you are a regular mobile casino game player who does seem to spend quite a bit of time playing slot games on your mobile, then it may be worth your time and effort taking part in one of the many ongoing mobile slot tournaments that are held over at our featured and top rated casino site that being Bet365 Casino, for their mobile gaming platform comes packed with slot games, and those mobile slot tournaments they have on offer will give you a great chance of bagging a large cash prize.

You may have entered and taken part in land based slot tournaments or even entered one of the many online slot tournaments that are always on offer throughout the day or night, however the structure and way in which you take part in a mobile casinos slot tournament such as those regularly held at Bet365 Casino are slightly different to online and land based slot tournaments, and as such please keep on reading to find out just how they are structured along with what you can win if you take part in any of them.

Mobile Slot Tournament Structure

The mobile slot tournaments held at the Bet365 Casino site are usually held for a full 24 hours and as such you will have plenty of time to take your enter into these slot tournaments and will not have just a limited small time slot to access them.

Instead of you having to pay an entry fee to take part in these mobile slot tournament you simply need to deposit a certain amount of cash as you normally would when playing at this mobile casino site and then you can start to play any of their slot games offered on their mobile gaming platform.

Instead of being allocated slot tournament credits and being given a small amount of time to take your entry which is the case will most other land based and online slot game tournament you will be able to play any slot game on offering the Bet365 Casino for as long as you want within the 24 hours that the tournament is running.

You will be playing with your own real money funds when playing in these mobile slot tournaments so you will be winning and losing as normal, however every time you have wagered in total through one spin of the slot game reels or several spins 10.00 then you are awarded with three comp points.

It is these comp points which are going to be used to determine your position on the leaderboard of this slot tournament and as such the more you play and the more comp point you mange to amass the higher up the mobile slot tournaments leader board you will rise.

As soon as the tournament finishes the players who have accumulated the largest number of comp points playing absolutely any of the mobile slot games in the given time period at the Bet365 Casino will be awarded with an instant cash prize if their position on the leader board is a cash awarding position of course.

Slot Tournament Rules

You simply need to locate the days at which the Bet365 Mobile Casino has decided to run a mobile slot tournament and then make the required deposit into your mobile casino account to be able to take part in one of their tournaments, it is often the case that a small nominal deposit of just 50.00 will enable you to take part in the tournament on any given day, however always take a look at the rules attached to the slot tournament for the exact amount you need to deposit.

The slot tournaments run for 24 full hours and as such you can choose when you prefer to play them and will not, as is often the case when playing in online or land based slot tournaments need to be available at one specific time period.

There may be a play through requirement attached to the cash prizes allocated on any Bet365 Mobile Casino slot tournaments, however as they are a very fair and generous casino site you will find those play through requirements are low and will of course give you additional winning opportunities once the bonus credits are added to your account.

This is of course a paid to enter slot tournament and as such even though you will be able to access the casino games at any time at this mobile casino site and play them for free it is only your real money wagers that will earn you comp points.

Mobile Slot Tournament Tips

There are several tips we can give you to help you hopefully amass enough comp points when taking part in any mobile slot tournament that is offered at the Bet365 Casino site, and one of the main benefits of entering their slot tournament is that you are permitted to play any of their available real money slot games to earn those comp points offered on each real money wager placed.

This means that you are best off selecting those mobile slot games which come with the very highest payout percentages for based on those higher than average payout percentages when you play those slots for long periods of time you will naturally get more winning combinations forming which will mean you accumulate and amass many more comp points than you ever would playing the slots with the lowest payout percentages.

Also make sure that you have a good signal on your mobile phone as you will not want to see it dropping out halfway through your tournament entry, ideally log onto a Wi-Fi signal if you have access to one as they are often much more reliable than your mobile phones standard connection! Always set yourself a limit in regards to just how much you are going to wager in any slot tournament you take part if for you do not want to spend more money taking part in one than the amount of cash you could win via the slot tournaments prize pool allocation.

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