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Online Casinos on Twitter

twitterIf you enjoy logging onto Twitter each day and finding out what celebrities, friends and family have to say about whatever is in the headlines, then you may have one or more online casinos following you. Many online casino sites have started to use Twitter as a way of informing not only their players but any potential new customers of the offers, promotions and any new games they have launched.

You may be interested in using your Twitter account as the way of always being kept fully up to date in regards to what is happening at one of more casino sites, and if this is the case then below you will find an overview of the pros and cons of using Twitter for that purpose and we will also let you know what type of promotions are often given away from casino sites to Twitter users.

Bonuses Available to Twitter Users

If you do add an online casino as one of your followers on Twitter then you will find lots of different bonuses will suddenly appear in your timeline from those sites. If you have never played at the casino you are following then you could often be offered a set of free spins or even a no deposit bonus to get you to sign up to that site.

However, the most commonly available types of bonuses are deposit match ones which require you to make a deposit and for doing so the casino will give you a bonus which is often a multiple of the amount of cash you deposited. Below is an overview of the most commonly given away bonuses on Twitter and what you usually have to do to be able to claim those bonuses.

Re-Tweet Competitions – One way you can secure yourself some form of casino bonus on Twitter is by re-tweeting a message from such a site, the casinos will be eager to get their current promotional offers seen by as many people as possible and by getting you to re-tweet such a message they will often give you some free slots spins or will give you some form of free bonus.

Favourite a Tweet Bonus – Another way that you can pick up some modest bonuses is by favouriting a Tweet, this is going to require no real effort from you but by doing so the casino will often give you a bonus as a thank you for spreading the word in regards to what that site has to offer players.

No Deposit New Player Promotions – You can often find yourself being followed by online casinos that you may never have played at or have never even heard of before when you use Twitter, and as such you can expect to find all manner of different new player bonus offers being offered to you if you add them to your list of followers.

Pros and Cons of Using Twitter

You are always going to find that no matter what social media site you choose to use there will be pros and cons of using that site, and in the following section we shall take a look at what these pros and cons are if you are a user of Twitter but always regularly enjoy playing any types of casino game online.

New Casino Game News – Every online casino game player will be on the lookout for brand new casino games, and as there are so many games being launched each week at various different casino sites keeping track of all of the new games is often impossible. However one of the main benefits of adding online casinos to your list of Twitter followers is that as soon as a new game is launched you will find those sites posting messages about those new games as soon as they go live in their respective casino.

Access to Casino Promotions Team –There will always be someone in any online casino site that uses Twitter whose job it is will be to post the Tweets from that casino site and it is often the case it is one of the team members from the promotions team at that casino sites who are tasked with doing so. This does of course mean that by following an online casino on Twitter you will always have a direct point of contact at that casino site and that may be handy for you to bag a few little extra promotional offers from them.

Bonus Overload and Spam – Sadly as soon as you do start to follow one or more online casino sites you will find that many other casinos with Twitter accounts will become aware of that fact and you will then suddenly find that you are being followed by those sites. Whilst you may find that appealing if you in return for those sites following you then start to follow those casino sites too on Twitter then you can expect your timeline to be filled up with all type of marketing messages many of which will be spam.

With that in mind please do think long and hard about just which casinos or gambling sites you do choose to follow on Twitter as you will only want to follow those sites that respective your privacy and sites that are not going to be constantly bombarding you will bonus offers or try to get you to deposit at their respective casino sites.

Some Potential Privacy Concerns – You should always be aware that anything that you do post on Twitter could potentially be seen by millions of other users. There are a range of privacy settings you can choose of make use of when using Twitter and as such always be aware those options are on offer if you have any type of privacy concerns.

A large proportion of online gamblers like to keep their gambling activities private and as such if you are such a player then do not follow any gambling sites, for as sure as night follows day those sites and many other will then start to bombard you with promotional offers.

Casino Sites on Twitter

Below is a list of all of the Twitter accounts for our recommended online casino sites.

And of course no list would be complete without mentioning our own Twitter account which can be found at https://twitter.com/CasinosMoney


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