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Online Video Poker Games That Offer No Value

video-pokerPlaying Video Poker is going to be something of a roller coaster ride for many players, with both losing and winning hand combinations being dealt out on the initial base hand you are always faced with the decision of just which cards you should hold and which cards you should discard when playing any variant of this popular casino card game.

With the advent of additional features found on many online Video Poker games such as the auto hold option, players are no longer faced with having to memorise every single hand combination they can be dealt out and how to play those hands optionally for by simply turning on the auto hold option the game will instantly hold the best cards that have been dealt out to you on your base hand, and then all you have to do is to click the re-deal or deal button a second time and hope the required cards are dealt out to you to help you form a high paying hand.

However, even with the auto hold feature activated and put into play, you are still faced with a decision of just which Video Poker game variants you should play, for no two variants are the same.

With different winning payouts attached to the pay tables for being dealt out every possible hand combination and some variants offering wild cards which result in there being even more winning hand combinations on offer, and some variants having enhanced winning payouts for being deal out certain hand combinations it will take a very knowledgeable player to be able to spot the variants offering the best payout percentages and the very highest paying pay table.

You do need to avoid playing any Video Poker game that has been designed to return only a small amount of the stakes wagered on it as winning payouts, and below in a change from how we usually do things, we are going to present to you a list of not the best paying Video Poker games but the worst playing ones, and this will allow you to know just which games you should avoid and never play online.

Lowest Paying Microgaming Video Poker Games

When you are playing at any Microgaming Casinos such as the Royal Vegas Casino site you will find dozens of readily available Video Poker games, and below are the ones that even when they are being played optimally are going to return the lowest long term expected payout percentages.

Deuces Wild – You will find several multi hand variants of Deuces Wild Video Poker on offer at every single Microgaming powered casino site which will let you play upwards of 10 hands per game played and if you choose to play those games and have learnt perfect playing strategy the expected payout percentage of this game is 99.37% which is quite high, however those casino sites also offer a single hand variant of this game and when playing that game the pay table has some reduced winning payouts which lowers the expected long term RTP down to just 96.76%.

Double Joker Poker – Another game which is certainly not by any stretch of the imagination a high paying variant is Microgaming’s Double Joker Poker. Admittedly when you play this variant online at any casino using that gaming platform you are going to be able to form lots of additional winning hand combinations due to the two wild Joker cards in play in the deck of cards, however there is a price to pay and that is that this variant has a payout percentage of some 98.10% which is not as high as lots of other variants found in Microgaming casinos, so knock it off your list of games to play.

Double Double Bonus Poker – You are going to have a lengthy type of Video Poker game playing session if you choose to play Microgaming’s Double Double Bonus Poker game, due to its payout percentage you will be getting over the long term working out as some 98.98%, but as there are games offering RTP’s in excess of 99% then you are going to be much better off locating and playing those variants instead of this one as they offer many more winning opportunities due to much more generous pay tables.

Joker Poker – You will be able to play Microgaming’s Joker Poker game for various stake levels and one thing you will discover when you start to play this game is that the wild Joker card will be dealt out quite often and when it does appear it can help form a range of winning payouts due to it being wild, in fact a range of additional payouts and hand combinations can be won and dealt out to you which are not found on most other variants such as five of a kind hand combinations. The expected RTP of this Joker Poker game though is 98.60% which is not as high as some other games you will find offered.

Tens or Better – One game that often looks appealing when you see it is the Tens or Better Video Poker game, and as you are going to start getting winning payouts as soon as any pair of Ten’s of any higher ranked hand is dealt out to you it may be a game you are considering getting stuck into playing.

But be aware that even with the best and most optimal playing strategy put into place this game is going to return an expected RTP of 99.14%, which may appear high but is not as high as lots of other Microgaming Video Poker game variants which offer better playing value.

Double Bonus Poker – One final game that you should not really be in any rush to play when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site is the Double Bonus Poker game, this game is best famed for its unique set of hand combinations that compliment the standard ones, however as you have found it listed on this Video Poker playing guide that does of course mean that its long term expected RTP is low and when playing it you will be up against a pay table that returns a payout percentage of 99.11%.

Worst Paying Playtech Video Poker Games

Should you be a fan of the state of the art gaming platform offered by any Playtech Casinos such as our highly rated Bet365 Casino site, then you will find you are going to have access to a vary varied suite of Video Poker games, an much like all other software and casino game companies there are some games which offer very poor value, and below are Playtech’s worst paying Video Poker games.

Tens or Better – A common mistake for first time and novice Video Poker game players is that they tend to think that the Tens of Better Video Poker game variant offers much more playing value than the Jacks or Better game, due to the simple fact that you receive winning payouts as soon as a hand with a value of a pair of Tens is dealt out to you as opposed to a pair of Jacks on the Jacks or Better variant.

However, the long term expected payout percentage of Playtech’s Jacks or Better game is dismally low working out at 97.96% and when compared to the RTP of the Jacks or Better game which is 99.54% then you can see why you should avoid playing the Tens or Better variant at all costs.

Joker Poker – Whilst you may think that the payout percentage of the Joker Poker game found on offer at Playtech powered casinos is high paying and value packed at 98.60%, when comparing it to say for example slot games then that high RTP is in fact a high one, but sadly when you compare it to many other Playtech designed Video Poker game variant it offers poor value, and is a game you should never be in any type of rush to play.

Deuces Wild – The Deuces Wild Playtech designed Video Poker game variant has a pay table on which you should receive, over the long term a payout percentage of some 98.91%, and once again that RTP is quite low when you compare it to for example their Jacks or Better game.

Much like all of the other online casino gaming platform designers, when you play at a Playtech powered site you will find single and multi hand variants of their most popular Video Poker games on offer, with this in mind it is worth noting that the multi hand games of both Aces and Faces and Jacks or Better have worst paying pay tables than the single hand variants of these games, so make sure you are never tempted to give those games any amount of play time either.

NetEnt Video Poker Games with Low Paying Pay Tables

The no download required gaming platform offered by NetEnt Casinos such as our rated and highly recommended Casino Euro site is perfect for when you want to play Video Poker games quickly and instantly, however always avoid playing low paying games which offer no value what so ever, and to give you an idea as to which of the Video Poker games offered at casinos using this gaming platform are the ones best left well along we have listed them below along with their respective long term expected payout percentages.

Joker Poker – You may fancy giving the Joker Poker game a little play time when you see it available at a NetEnt casino site, however the pay table attached to this game is only going to return to you an expected 97.95% of your wagers as winnings over the long term, and sadly that represents a very poor paying game and one any savvy player is likely to avoid playing.

Deuces Wild – Another game that boasts wild cards is of course the Deuces Wild game, this game sadly much like the Joker Poker one mentioned above offers no real playing value what so ever and when playing it, with the best playing strategy live and in play you will get a long term RTP of an expected 97.97% which really is not going to set the world on fire nor give you lots of winning opportunities.

Be aware that the single hand variants listed above are also available as multi hand games at NetEnt powered casinos, and when playing the 3 hand or more variants you will find the pay tables attached to those games are even lower paying ones that the single handed variants. So never be tempted to play those Video poker games, whether single or multi hand variants when playing at any NetEnt site, unless you want very little value from your gambling budget that is.

Gamble Game Option

You will find that most if not all of the Video Poker games available at any of our listed and approved casino sites, irrespective of the gambling platforms and software powering those sites, will offer you an optional type of gamble game which you can choose to play off whenever a winning hand combination has been dealt out to you.

Be fully aware that this gamble game is going to have, in either a positive or negative way an effect on the payout percentage you are going to be receiving when playing any session of Video Poker if you choose to take the gamble game option.

As you can win and lose once you have played off the gamble game if you get a series of losing outcomes then your session RTP is going to be much lower than it would be if you hadn’t have taken the gamble game option, so one word of advice is that we can happily pass on to you is to turn off and deactivate the gamble game option from the settings or if you cannot turn this optional off then never be tempted to take the gamble option, as anything that can and will affect the RTP of any Video Poker game should be avoided.

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