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Play Fruit Machines Online at Bet365

fruit-machineYou are going to be able to get stuck into playing a great range of Fruit Machines if you sign up to the Bet365 Games site, for unlike Microgaming powered sites who have withdrawn the majority of their Fruities, Bet365 have been increasing their collection of these highly playable slot games.

There has always been a problem with AWP’s that have been designed for the online environment, and this is that they did not really play and pay in the same way as land based machines. However, if you are looking for classic Fruit Machines boasting an identical design, playing structure, stakes and prizes as those found in land based venues then keep on reading.

Below we have handpicked a selection of the Bet365 Games sites’ Fruit Machines, and alongside each of them you will find an overview of the main base game and bonus features, which should make picking one that appeals to you easy.

Best Bet365 Fruit Machines

Zombie – The Zombie Fruity is a popular game at Bet365 and as soon as you see the way this game is structured you are going to want to get stuck right into playing it! There is of course a range of base game winning combinations that you can form on its single payline, however the bonus game is where you will want to be.

You need to spin in a set of numbers via the super imposed reel symbol numbers that total seven, and once you do you then get to play the main Bonus Trail game. You need to guess higher or lower on the number reel to work your way along the Trail and thanks to true Skill positions you can get higher up the Trail and win the better valued bonus features or cash prizes up for grabs on that Trail.

Neptune’s Gold – The Neptune’s Gold Fruit Machine comes with a Bonus Ladder type of bonus game and when triggered you are faced with three different Ladders that can award Cash, Nudges or Bonus Features, and to determine if you progress up any of those three Bonus Ladders you have to play a higher or lower number reel based game.

Farmyard Frenzy – Make sure you at the very least checkout the Farmyard Frenzy Fruit Machine, for the bonus game you can trigger is much like a Monopoly Board. You have to work your way around the Bonus Board by carefully working out when is the best time to collect what you have so far accumulated whether that is a set of Nudges, and additional Bonus Features or the Cash Prize.

Parrots of the Caribbean – The Parrots of the Caribbean Fruity is certainly going to keep you busy, for once you trigger its bonus game, via three bonus symbols landing on the win line the bonus board based feature round is awarded.

In true Fruit Machine fashion you need to spin a number reel and work your way up that bonus board, hopefully avoiding the non prize paying positions and getting as high up on the board as you can to pick up one of the cash prizes, nudges or addition bonus features. Make it to the top of the bonus board and the Jackpot will be yours along with you having the chance of winning the jackpot again by a Yes or No light stopping game.

Paper Boy – The Paper Boy Fruit Machine is another fully interactive game which you really are going to enjoy playing time and time again. Thanks to the very high hit frequency of the bonus game which is a Feature Trail type game and this games very high payout percentage you are always assured of an energetic and potentially high paying session whenever you set its three reels into live play.

Spell Bound – If you want to give another of the fully interactive and great playing Fruit Machines offered at the Bet365 Games site some play time then make sure you pencil into your Fruit Machine playing diary some play time on the Spell Bound slot.

You will have to make all manner of decisions when playing both the base and bonus game in regards to playing this slot machine optimally and if you are an experienced Fruity player then you really are going to find this game becoming one of your favourites.

You will be able to gamble any and all base game winning payouts as you see fit, however you are also going to be given the option of exchanging a winning combination for direct access to the Bonus Trail game, and that is where you are going to find a plethora of unique features awaiting you.

Pinball Lizard –It is going to be the Fruit Machines that come with the most unique type of bonus games that you will probably enjoy playing more than any other type of Fruity available online, and should you be the type of player who likes mastering the very fine art of playing bonus games and feature rounds then make sure you give the Pinball Lizard Fruity some play.

This game offers a bonus board type bonus game, however what is slightly different is that you are going to be building up additional features and cash prizes in several extra bonus zones as you are working your way around the board.

Obviously with a Fruity offering so many additional bonus features it is going to take you some time to master all of those offered on this game, and as such we guarantee you will have plenty of fun and entertainment whenever you give this game a whirl at the Bet365 Games site.

Big Dipper – The Big Dipper Fruity is one offering Bonus Trail which you will hopefully end up on, and this Trail has lots of the Skill positions, which experienced Fruit Machine players look out for as it is their own level of skill that will determine just how well they do whenever they land on those Skill positions on the number Trail.

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