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Playtech Slot Game Option Settings

Avengers-Slot-MainYou will always be guaranteed of having some fun and very entertaining slot playing sessions if you choose to play any of the growing number of different Playtech slots online. If there is one thing that Playtech are famed for it is their range of diverse yet high paying slots.

However, we are fully aware that each and every single slot player is going to be looking for a range of slots to play that they find appealing, and listed throughout the Casinos for Money website you are going to find informative and very in-depth reviews of every single slot offered by Playtech.

With that in mind please take a much time as you need reading through those slot games reviews for we just know there will be dozens of different slot games that you will take a shine to! But also be aware that Playtech let players playing any of their slot games select from a large range of different game play setting options which will allow you to tailor your own unique slot playing sessions.

Below are all of the different ways available for you to configure all of the different Playtech slots to you own preferences, and as you are of course fully able to play Playtech slots for free before you play any of them for real money then you can play around with the option settings via the free play version of their slots to allow you to find a way of playing them that appeals to you personally.

Disable Warning Messages – There are a few standard settings which you can opt to turn on and off on all Playtech designed games, one of these is the warning message option which is found in the game play settings, by de-activating this all game warnings which may appear will be turned off. However, you should only turn this option off if you are well versed at playing Playtech slots and fully understand how they work and play.

Skip Intro Video – On a large number of Playtech slot games you will find a short video clip is played when you first launch those slots from the game menu. By turning this option off you will be able to launch the slot without having to view those short video introductions.

Fast Play Option – One option setting that we do know a lot of slot players who do not have a lot of time to play online slot games will want to make use of is the Fast Play option. When you turn this option setting on the reels will spin and stop very quickly and all animations will be de-activated. This will therefore allow you play off a large number of spins per session.

Game Sounds – If you want to play Playtech designed slots with all of the sound effects turned on then you will be getting the maximum fun, excitement and entertainment from those slots, however you are of course free to turn the sound effects on and off completely or you can select just which sound effects to have in play.

Background Sounds – Many Playtech slots will have some form of backing track playing in the background as you are playing those slots, whilst many players do enjoy having them playing in the background, should you find them distracting or even annoying you are free to turn those sound effects off if you so desire.

Auto Play – All Playtech slot games will come with an auto play setting. When you make use of that auto play option setting you can set the slot to play off any number of base game spins at your chosen stake amount. Be aware that if you are a UK player then the maximum number of spins you can choose to play off via the auto play setting is 25 spins at a time.

Where to Play Playtech Slots Online

We have been able to negotiate some very generous welcome bonuses at all of our listed and approved Playtech powered online casino sites and as such we are more than confident that if you choose to sign up and play at any of the following online casino sites you are going to have a first class and very enjoyable online slot player session.

Omni Casino – You can access the entire suite of Playtech slots when playing at the Omni Casino site via either their fully downloadable gaming platform of you can play their range of Playtech slot games from within any web browser in a no download format.

With bonuses given away to not only first time players but also on an ongoing basis and with their fast winning payouts we think you will never need to play anywhere else online if you do take a shine to the suite of Playtech slot games, so give this casino a try as they are one of our top rated casino sites.

Bet365 Casino – One aspect of playing at the Bet365 Casino site is that you are not only going to find the full range of different Playtech designed slot games on offer at their site, for they have lots of different game suppliers games all readily available to play via their no download, instant play gaming platform.

You are also going to find that Bet365 Casino have also recently launched their own mobile casino sites, so if you wish to play slot games when you are out and about you will have the ability of doing just that by playing via their Casino App.

However you do decide to play their range of slot you are going to find you will be able to claim lots of ongoing bonuses and real money comps will be coming your way based on how much real money slot playing action you allocate to playing any of their slot games for. Take a look over our review of Bet365 Casino for details of their currently available new player sign up bonus which is way too big to ignore.

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