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Playtech’s New Rubik’s Riches Arcade Game

rubiks-riches-gameOne of the many annoying aspects of the 1980’s, apart from crazy haircuts and bizarre outfits, was of course the Rubik’s Cube. This was a cube type device on which there were nine different coloured squares on each of its six sides.

You could move a set of three different coloured squares diagonally or horizontally and the aim was to get all six sides ending up with the same coloured squares on them. This may seem very easy to do, but believe me when I say it wasn’t.

There were quite a number of people who could complete the cube in a matter of seconds. However most people could spend hours, days or even weeks trying to complete the cube and get all sides with the same coloured squares on it.

As part of the expanding range of Arcade Games that Playtech have launched onto their casino software platforms, they have recently added a brand new game called the Rubik’s Riches game, and the star of this game is of course a Rubik’s Cube.

If you fancy playing a game which is like no other you will have come across before, then do keep on reading for below is an overview of how this games work and pays.

Play Rubik’s Riches

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How to Play the Rubik’s Riches Game

The first thing you need to do if you wish to play this game is of course to launch it from the game menu, it can be found in the Arcade game menu at any Playtech powered site, and once launched you will see three sides of a Rubik’s Cube displayed on the game screen.

You next have to choose a stake at which to play this game for, you can play for stakes as low as 0.01 or play for stakes as high as 15.00 per game. Playtech powered casinos are multi currency sites so you are of course able to pick one of several different currencies to play in and the stakes you set to play this game could be in Pounds and Pence or Dollars and Cents etc.

Once you have selected a stake all that is left to do is to click on the Play button, the cube will then spin around in a three dimensional way and the sides of the cube will all be jumbled up, through a series of playing moves.

If you get a matching row of coloured squares on any of the three different sides you can see on the screen then a cash payment is awarded for each row of matching symbols completed.

Also there is a bonus payment which is awarded if you manage to get one of the three visible sides all with the same coloured squares on that side.

Free Games Bonus Feature

You can randomly trigger a bonus game when playing the Rubik’s Riches game. When awarded you have to click on one coloured square at a time and the square you pick will then be peeled off the cube to reveal one of three different things.

You can win an extra cube, a number of free spins or if you reveal the Start symbol then the bonus game will start to play out. If you have won additional cubes during the picking game then they will be displayed on the screen alongside the original cube.

The number of free games you were awarded with then be played off on each of the cubes awarded, all winning combinations formed will then award their own bonus payouts as shown on the pay table of this game.

Rubik’s Cube Winning Payouts

The amount of cash you wager per game you play of this Rubik’s Riches game is going to have an effect on how much you stand to win. There are up to 17 winning payouts for completing a line of three matching symbols in a row and three different payouts awarded for completing a full set of matching coloured squares on any one side of the cube.

If you choose to play this game for 1.00 per game, then the winning payouts for getting one, two, three or four matching rows of coloured squares are, 0.16, 0.40, 0.80 and 0.96 respectively, these are the only winning row payouts which are lower than your staked amount.

Should you manage to get five to eight matching rows on any of the three visible sides of the Rubik’s Riches cube at the end of any single game played then the winning payouts for these different winning combinations are 1.20, 1.60, 2.40 and 3.20 respectively.

The winning payouts do start to get higher in value the more rows of matching coloured squares you complete and as such if you get nine to twelve of them you will win 4.00, 5.60, 8.00 and 16.00 respectively. The payouts increase quite noticeably when you match ten or more rows and the remaining payouts awarded for getting 13, 14, 15, or 16  rows completed are, 40.00, 80.00, 160.00, 800.00 and the jackpot for getting all sides of the cube with matching coloured squares upon it is 3200.00.

In case you are wondering it is not possible due to the design of the cube to get seventeen matching rows of symbols on three faces.

You are also going to be awarded a bonus payout when playing this game and this is paid whenever you get any one of the three sides with all matching coloured squares displayed up on it.

When you are playing this game for stakes of 1.00 per game then one matching side of coloured sides will award, in addition to the above payouts a bonus payout worth 4.00. Should you get two matching sides then a bonus payout worth a much larger 16.00 is awarded. Complete all of the three visible sides with matching coloured squares and in addition to the base game payout you get a bonus payout worth an additional 300.00, when playing for stakes of 1.00 per game played.

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