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Progressive Casino Jackpots November 2014

super-lucky-frogWe recently advised our website visitors that the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot game has a jackpot that had grown so large that is was, according to its average jackpot payout amount, overdue, and the very next day one lucky winning walked off with an enormous €2,984,580 jackpot payout when playing that very slot.

With this in mind we know many of you will be interested in finding out just which progressive games offered at all of our featured and highly rated online casinos have jackpots that are now overdue and could be ready to be won, and as such we invite you to have a look through the following news update on our featured progressive jackpot paying games which can be accessed and played at the highlighted casinos below.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Games

If you are demanding one of the largest suites of progressive games to play then you will be best advised to sign up and start playing at the Royal Vegas Casino, for when playing on their downloadable or flash powered, instant play Microgaming Casino Gaming Platforms you are going to have access to dozens of differently structured progressive jackpot awarding games.

Below you are going to find the games which have jackpots so large that they are bound to be won one day soon and as such these are probably the games you should be concentrating on if you have a desire to win a huge jackpot payout, and by playing at Royal Vegas Casino should you win one of their progressives then they will pay you the entire amount won in one payment, just in time for you to do your Christmas shopping.

Mega Moolah – The Mega Moolah slot is always one that can be relied on to give slot players an exciting slot playing session, its current jackpot when we checked it was £2,259,797 however do keep in mind that the average top progressive jackpot paid out to players this year on average was £2,454,945 which means it may not quite be ready to pay out just yet, but is could of course pay out that mind blowing jackpot at any time and those jackpots are randomly won via its wheel spinning bonus round feature game.

King CashaLot – Upon checking our database on this slot game we have just noticed no one has actually win the jackpot this year which currently stands in excess of £526,305 and as such may it will be worth your firing a few coins into it and giving it your best shot for that jackpot may be worth winning and this slot is always one worth playing when you want a chance of walking away a high jackpot winner.

Roulette Royale – Another progressive slot game from Microgaming which has not paid out its jackpot in well over a year is the often overlooked game of Roulette Royale, this games progressive jackpot stands at a very respectable £405,351, and sooner possibly than later one lucky player playing this progressive table game is going to get the same number spinning in five times on the trot and will walk away with is huge jackpot payout, and that player could just be you.

Poker Ride – The Poker Ride progressive game is one of Microgaming’s many unique casino card games which is always worth playing, it should be noted at the time of checking its jackpot stood at a very large £192,288 and keeping in mind the average jackpot won on this game over the last 12 months was £170,037 then it has a jackpot that is currently overdue and could be won at any time.

Triple Sevens – Another progressive casino card game which has a jackpot so large it is bound to be won one day soon is the Triple 7’s Blackjack the jackpot attached to this game has grown to a massive £118,968 and as its average amount won by players via the jackpot payout over the last 12 months is £57,036 then it may be worth adding it to your list of games to play as soon as you can.

Cyberstud Poker – The Cyber Stud Poker games current jackpot is over £104,720 and the last time this card game awarded its progressive jackpot to a player that player picked up a jackpot worth a cool £110,425 and as such it is getting closer and closer to its average jackpot payout amount and may be a game to keep your eyes on and play as soon as it exceeds that figure.

Tunzamunni – One final progressive game to tell you about is Microgaming’s Tunzamunni slot, the jackpot on this slot now makes it a slot worth playing for it is over £54,124 in value and the average amount won on this slot so far this year is a much smaller £41,057 so make sure this is a game you also allocate a little bit of play time to for that jackpot may not get much higher and may be awarded to a player very, very soon.

Playtech Progressive Games

We have two highly rated Playtech software powered casino sites both of which are going to give you access to not only a massive suite of progressive games but both sites are famed for their generous new player and ongoing bonus offers that will allow all players to maximize their gaming budgets and get much long casino game playing sessions when they make full use of those bonuses.

These two Playtech powered sites are Bet365 Casino and Omni Casino, and if you fancy getting stuck into playing their massive suite of progressive jackpot paying slots in November then make sure you give some of the following games a little play time, for the progressive jackpot values have been steadily rising for some time now and are at the point where they may be about to drop.

Jackpot Darts $3 – There are several different variants of Playtech’s popular arcade game Jackpot Darts on offer, both the $3 and $2 versions of the game are available at our featured Playtech powered online casino sites and the progressive jackpot on these two variants has not been won this year and as such the jackpot attached to the $3 version of the game currently stands at in excess of $303,467 and the progressive jackpot on the lower priced per game $2 version is an impressive  $198,504 and both of them are of course growing in value by the minute.

Magic Slots $5 – With the $5 version of the Magic slot game having a jackpot currently worth over $171,342 and as its average jackpot awarded to players this year being just $156,948 then that jackpot currently up for grabs is now overdue so why not add this progressive slot game to the list of games you give some play time to soon?

Wall St. Fever – Another popular Playtech designed progressive jackpot awarding slot worth of some of your real money gaming action at the moment is their Wall Street Fever slot, for the jackpot has now grown to in excess of $165,203 and as the average amount is paid out to players this year is a much lower $136,745 then it is yet another progressive slot worth a little bit of your play time.

Progressive Blackjack – Playtech’s progressive Blackjack game has now reached the point in time when its current jackpot which for reference is some $104,012 is over and above the average amount of cash it has paid out to players this year, the average payout amount for reference is $102,254 so if you enjoy playing Blackjack online and want to play a progressive jackpot paying variant this may be the game for you.

Baccarat $5 – As no one has managed to win the $5 version of Playtech’s progressive Baccarat game this year we are beginning to think it is going to be awarded to a player quite soon, whether this will be the case or no we will have to wait and see however as that jackpot is worth some $89,869 it is certainly worth trying for, so why not give this popular progressive card game a try?

Cinerama – The jackpot on the Cinerama slot is currently over double the amount at which it has on average paid out to other jackpot winning players this year, the current jackpot attached to this slot is some $64,201 and he average amount won by other jackpot winners this year as only $30,996 so it could be a good slot to play today if you want a very reasonable chance of winging that huge jackpot payout.

Stravaganza – Another Arcade designed progressive game which you can play at any listed and approved Playtech powered online casino is their quite intriguing Stravaganza game, the progressive jackpot on offer to players has now breached the $38,224 mark an as the average amount other players have won when hitting the jackpot on this game this year was only $34,691 then that jackpot is another one which is bound to be won sooner than later.

Baccarat $2 – The progressive Baccarat game from Playtech, and we are talking about the $2 version here, currently has a progressive jackpot worth a large $35,947, and as this game has not awarded the progressive jackpot at all this year then it could be a game to play for a small amount of time as that jackpot does have to be won one day soon.

Magic Slots $1 – There are several variants of the Magic Slots from Playtech, and the main difference between them all is the coin values you can play them for, the $1 variant has a jackpot which has grown to some $34,268 and as the average progressive jackpot won on this slot by payers this year is $31,539 this is another Playtech powered progressive slot game that has an overdue and possibly about to drop jackpot attached to it.

Fruit Mania – The Fruit Mania slot game is a very colourful and bright yet easy to play progressive slot game and this slot now has a jackpot worth just over $25,879 and based on the fact the average amount won on this slot by players this year was $24,183, then it is a slot game on which its jackpot is now overdue, and it is highly likely that jackpot is going to be won sooner than later.

Mega jacks – The Video Poker game called Mega Jacks available at all Playtech software powered online casinos has a jackpot currently worth over $1,050 and as the last time the jackpot was won this year which was several times, and the average amount won by players was $1,080 then that does of course mean this jackpot is now overdue.

NetEnt Progressive Games

There is of course another range of progressive jackpot awarding games that you are going to be able to access and play online, and these are the NetEnt range of games which can be accessed and played via their no download gaming platforms.

There are many slot games from NetEnt that have jackpots which are way too big to miss out on and when playing at any of our listed and approved casinos using their gaming platforms such as the recently launched Red Bet Casino you are going to be able to play these games instantly and will also be earning valuable comp points as you do so.

Take a look at the following listing of progressive slot games all of which will be waiting for you when you log into any of our featured NetEnt Casinos, and if you have not already joined up as a player at any of them make sure you make full use of their new player bonuses which will give you plenty of additional winning opportunities.

Super Lucky Frog – There has not been a winner this year of the Super Lucky Frog slots jackpot and as there is currently €103,376 waiting to be won then why not get on over to Red Bet Casino and give this game some play time.

Geisha Wonders Jackpot – There are a series of slot games which are part of the Geisha Wonders series of slots available at Red Bet and much like the slot listed above the progressive jackpot attached to this series of slot has not been won so far this year, and as such the jackpot on offer on these slots is rather tempting at some €57,532.

Triple Wins – The Triple Wins progressive jackpot now stands at a touch over €30,000 and the last time it was won a player won a large jackpot of €32,098 and as such it may be worth playing as it could be awarded to another player at any time and that player may just be you.

Caribbean Stud – If you enjoy playing casino card games then make sure you pencil in a little play time on this Caribbean Stud Poker card game at Red Bet for with a jackpot currently standing at a very impressive €26,187 and as that jackpot hasn’t been won recently it may be about to drop, but you will not know unless you give it some play time of course.

Mega Joker – The Mega Joker progressive jackpot games is another on which the jackpot is not that regularly won, however with its jackpot standing at a very large €14,238 and as the last winner bagged a jackpot worth €15,612 it may be another game that could drop its progressive jackpot in the coming days or weeks.

Keno – Keno does not appeal to everyone but as there is always a sporting chance of you winning big when playing this number predicting game when playing it for low stakes then if you do decide to play at Red Bet Casino their progressive Keno game is certainly worth playing, its progressive jackpot at the last time of checking was in excess of €9,669 and having not been won this year that progressive jackpot is certainly overdue.

Vault Assault – Another progressive game which is available at the NetEnt’s software powered Red Bet Casino is the Vault Assault game, this game has been getting quite a bit of attention from players recently and as such its jackpot is now at a very generous €7,200 and as this is the type of game which does award its progressive jackpots a very regular intervals then it may be another worthy of just a little bit of your real money gaming action.

Golden Derby – One final progressive game which may appeal to many players who are seeking a progressive game to play is the Golden Derby game, this is another game on which its jackpot gets awarded at very regular intervals and as such whenever you do choose to play it you will have a fair and sporting chance of winning that jackpot. So why not visit Red Bet Casino and give any of the above progressive games a try, should you bag a huge jackpot payout you can rest assured that they will pay you out all of those winnings in the fastest time frames.


  • Garry November 24, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Aren’t the NetEnt games like Super Lucky Frog and Golden Derby discontinued now and their jackpots moved over to the Cosmic Fortune jackpot pool at the respective casinos?

  • Marcus November 24, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    You are 100% right about that. At the time of writing this article the games were still live at NetEnt powered casinos but they have started to phase them out to make room for the Cosmic Fortune slot as you mentioned.

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