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Roller Coaster Dice Arcade Game

roller-coaster-dice-gameOne of the more unusual yet highly playable Arcade Games that you will find offered at Playtech Casinos is the game known as the Roller Coaster Dice game, now what makes this game unique is that when you are playing it two dice will be rolled and you are faced with correctly predicting whether the next throw of those two dice will result in the same number being rolled in or a higher or lower number.

It is of course the two facing upwards sides of those two dice which will be added together to determine the value of each roll of the dice and the way in which this game awards its payouts will mean you have to make several consecutive winning predictions to be awarded with a cash prize.

Located at the right hand side of the play panel you will see a special cash ladder, and on that ladder there will be four positions that can award you with a cash prize. The first roll of the dice will set the game in motion and you then have to make a total of four correct predictions to reach the first cash prize paying position.

As soon as you have landed on that first position you then have to decide whether you are happy to collect that cash prize and if you are then by clicking on the collect button those winnings will be added to your casino account balance and the game will then end.

However, you are given the option of playing on and if you do then you have to make a further two correct decisions to make it to the second prize paying positions where once again you will be given of cashing out your winnings and ending the game or you can continue playing.

By choosing to carry on playing you then have to make a further two correct decisions as to whether the roll of the dice will result in a higher or lower number being rolled in and if you predict correctly you will be given one final decision as to whether to collect your winnings and end the game or try and make it to the top of the prize ladder by making two more correct playing decisions and if you do you will then win the highest valued winning payout offered on this game.

Be aware though if at any time you make a wrong prediction in regards to whether the two dice will be higher or lower in value than the previous two dice score then the game will instantly end and you will lose the stake you wagered and any additional winning you had so far achieved.

Stake Levels

There are a few different stake options at which you are going to be able to play this Roller Coaster Dice game for, the lowest coin value setting is very modest and will cost you just 0.05 per game, however you can of course play this game for several other stake values and the ones on offer are, 0.15, 0.50, 1.00, 2.0 and 5.00.

You will have the added advantage of being able to set your casino account when playing at a Playtech powered online casino site to one of several different currency options and they will be offered to you when you are registering a new player account.

If you are interested in playing this Roller Coaster Dice game for free or for real money and have not already go an account at a Playtech powered online casino site then further down this page you will find two of our top rated casinos using that gaming platform, both of which are offering some massive and instantly credited new player sign up bonuses to new players.

It should be noted that in most cases when you have claimed a sign up bonus at any Playtech powered online casino sites you will be able to use that bonus on this Roller Coast Dice game, however always read the terms and condition attached to any bonus you are thinking of claiming just to be certain that you can use a bonus on this or any other of the many Arcade Games that has taken your fancy.

Wagering Opportunities

When playing this Playtech designed Roller Coaster Dice game which is located in the Arcade Games menu at all casinos using their gaming platforms and range of casino game you will only have two possible betting decisions to make when playing it.

You can be offered either Higher or a Higher or the same betting decision along with either a Lower or Lower or the same betting decision. Once you have made up your mind up in regards to which playing and betting decision you wish to play then simply click on the respective button which will be displayed on the playing panel and the dice will then be sent rolling for the next stage of the game.

Where to Play Roller Coaster Dice Game

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