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Ten Facts You Cannot Ignore about Playtech Slots

Slot players are always seeking out new and more exciting slot games to play whilst also always being on the lookout for slots which come with higher payouts and unique playing structures. With this in mind should you enjoy the occasional online slot playing session then you will be making a good decision should you opt to play at any of our reviewed and rated Playtech Casinos.

With Playtech now being a mainstream designer and supplier of not only online slot games but also mobile slots and slot games that are located in land based venues across the globe we can confidently say there will be several of their games that are going to tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you are looking for from any slot machine.

Below therefore we have compiled ten important facts surrounding playing Playtech slot games online, and should you like what you read then two sites that have the entire collection of slots on offer are the Bet365 Casino and the Omni Casino site, make sure you checkout those two casinos as their current new player and ongoing slot bonuses will massively increase your slot playing bankroll.

Certified Random – Game fairness is something that Playtech takes very seriously and as such as one of the world’s largest and most successful online casino game designers they always go to great lengths to ensure you get a fair game when playing any slot they have released, all of their slots have been tested and verified independently as being 100% fair and random and as such you will always have peace of mind when playing them.

Fixed Odds Slots – Playtech also designed in addition to their standard online slot games a range of Fixed Odds slots, and when playing those slot games online instead of you hoping to spin in any winning combination listed on the pay table you have to bet on one or more winning combinations listed on the pay table in the hope that your chosen ones spin in, spinning in a winning combination you haven’t bet on results in no winning payout being awarded to you.

Progressive Payouts – Be warned that when you are playing at some Playtech Casinos and you win a progressives jackpot, if that site has very low weekly or monthly cash out limits you could end up waiting years to get paid an entire progressive jackpot winning payout.

Fast Rising Jackpots – When playing at some online casinos you will notice the progressive jackpots attached to their slot games can rise rapidly and much faster than at other casinos using a different gaming platform. As Playtech casinos are large in number there are no shortages of players logged into those sites and as such the jackpots attached to their games are being played all the time and as such the jackpots will naturally grow in value very quickly indeed.

Slot Variance – Playtech design slots that will appeal to every single slot player, and as such you will find slots offering very low variance, medium variance and for everyone who wants to play high risk yet potentially very rewarding slots then their range of high variance slots are certainly worth checking out and playing.

Instant Access Slot Comps – Should you have played at some online casinos that will only let you redeem your comp points once a week or once a month you will already know how annoying that can be waiting for those comped credits to hit your account. Playtech casinos allow you to be in full control of when and how many Comp Points you can redeem and turn into playing credits as they let you redeem your comps instantly and at any time via the banking interface.

Variable Bonus Play Through – All Playtech casinos are able to configure the bonus offers they give away and make available to their players individually. This does of course mean that if you are looking for the maximum value from your gambling budget but only wish to claim bonuses that come with fair play through requirements then by comparing the bonuses found at different Playtech casino sites you will find lots of different play through requirements on offer, so it shouldn’t take you too long to find a bonus that is to your liking.

Branded Slot Games – We do know may slot players would prefer not to play obscure slot games that come with bizarre themes or playing structures, and when playing Playtech slot games online you are going to come across many slot games that are fully banded slots and will boast the theme of popular and well known celebrities or will come themed around a film, book or even television shows you may have read or seen.

However, if you are looking for those obscure slot games they have certainly got plenty of completely unique slots on offer boasting structures, bonus games and bonus features you may never have come across before.

Betting Terminal Slots – If you have visited a betting shop in the UK or in some other countries of the world you may have come across slot games on those machines that have been designed by Playtech. Many of the games found on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are similar if not identical to the games found in the gaming suite of Playtech casino sites, and as such you may be interested in playing some of those games online as by doing so you will be playing games you know and are already familiar with.

Auto Play Options – Should clicking away on the start or spin button of any online slot game prove too troublesome then you will be able to set any off the many different Playtech slot games to play themselves by a fully configurable range of Auto Play settings. So you could if you choose set the slots to play themselves whilst you sit back and watch or if you are playing off a bonus that could be a way of playing the slots whilst working through the play through requirements whilst you go off and do something else.

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