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The Hunt for the Marvel Jackpot Continues – Day 2

After having played 650 spins on the Fantastic Four slot yesterday I felt it was time for some well needed change of scenery and decided to play “The Avengers” slot today instead. By changing between the various slots that feature the Marvel Jackpot this project will probably be more interesting to follow as well since you won’t have to sit and watch the same versions of free spin rounds all the time.

First Free Spins Win of the Day

I was really excited to start the day with a free spin round after only having played 10 spins but this ended up being the worst free spin round I have ever had and I ended up winning only €6.60 on the entire round. Considering how much money you usually have to stake in order to get to the free spins this was a really crappy outcome. Hopefully the next one will be better.

Slightly Better Payout on the Free Spins

It took me about 30 minutes of play from the point I got my first free spin round to get there again but at least this time the payout was a bit better and I ended up winning €43.40. Not really as much as I would have hoped for but at least my bankroll is still bigger than when I started the day.

500 Spins Later

I have now played a total of 500 spins on “The Avengers” slot machine and I don’t have much to show for it. I started the day with €304.64 and my bankroll is now down to €241.64 so I will be changing games in an attempt to try and change my luck. My goal is still to hit the Marvel Jackpot at some point so I will obviously keep playing games that feature that jackpot. This time around I will give the “Wolverine” online slot a shot for another 500 spins and then we’ll see where we are at after that.

Wolverine Slot Free Spin Round

It took my exactly 169 spins on the Wolverine online slot before I managed to get to the free spins round and once I got there the payout was far from what I would have hoped for. At this point my bankroll is down to €174.24 and It’s very doubtful if I will be able to complete the day without having to reload my casino account at Bet365.

Free Spins Not Paying on Wolverine Slot

After having spun the wheels about 60 more times since the last free spins win I got there again. This time the result was about the same, landing me under €20 for the free spin round which is really crappy in my opinion. I know the free spin rounds isn’t the goal of this experiment but it’s just about the only thing that will manage to keep my bankroll alive until the end of the day at the moment but when the payouts are this bad it’s just a matter of time before I go bust and have to reload. I’m sorry about the slow video below, it seems my 4-year old Macbook Pro isn’t good enough to keep up with Camtasia running at the same time as certain Playtech slots and the result is super slow recordings.

Small Free Spin Wins Keep Stacking Up

Just 15 spins after I got the previous free spins round on the Wolverine online slot I hit the free spin round that you can see in the video below. I think this might be the lowest amount anyone has ever won during a round of free spins on this machine. If you have ever won less on a €1 stake please drop a comment here or on the Youtube video because I would like to hear about it.

I Jinxed the Free Spins

If I was a superstitious person I would have said that I jinxed the free spin round that you can see in the video below by saying that the previous one was the smallest win ever. This time I actually managed to win less than what I thought was the smallest free spins win of all time. I’m honestly getting a bit tired of playing the Wolverine slot machine at this point to to the terrible free spin payouts but I said I would give it a go over 500 spins and that’s what I will do. I have played 272 spins on this machine so far so I have another 228 to go before I can call it quits and move on to the next Marvel Jackpot slot machine.

At least We Are Getting Somewhere

I have to give the Wolverine slot credit for having the free games round showing up pretty regularly (5 times over 298 spins) but the payouts are really awful so far. I got to the free games round on this slot yet again but all I had to show for my efforts this time is a €28.40 win. I am really looking forward to having the remaining 202 spins completed so I don’t have to look at this online slot for a while now.

What I Thought Would Be the Last Free Spin Round of the Day

With only 28 spins to go before calling it a day I hit the three magic needles to trigger the free games of the Wolverine online slot. Since my bankroll is down to the double digits right now I was hoping for a decent score to get myself in a good position not to have to reload my Bet365 account tomorrow but it was not to be. All I managed to scrape together was a tiny €17 win and that pretty much sums up my day as a whole.

The Real Last Free Game Round of the Day

I was sure that I would just grind out the last 28 spins before calling it a day so imagine my surprise when I hit the free games round yet another time just 4 spins after I had just won it the last time. I didn’t win a whole lot this time either but at least I managed to make sure that I have a triple digit bankroll to start with tomorrow which should ensure I have at least an hour of play before I have to reload my account to continue my quest for the Marvel Jackpot.

Rounding Up Day 2

I usually like playing online slot machines but I have to say that this project is making me really sick and tired of the games and we are only on day 2 of this experiment. I started this day with €304.64 in my casino account and 1000 spins later my account balance is at €97.44. I’m guessing the fact that my biggest win of the day was €43.40 has something to do with that.

Even though I’m really sick of playing online slots at the moment I am not going to give up in my chase for the Marvel Jackpot. I promised you that I would keep playing until I hit that feature and no matter how much time or money I will have to spend I will get there.

Below are the stats at the end of day 2

Starting Balance: €304.64

Closing Balance: €97.44

Profit/Loss for the Day: -€207.20

Spins Played on The Avengers: 500

Spins Played on Wolverine: 500

Free Spin Rounds Won on The Avengers: 2

Free Spin Rounds Won on Wolverine: 7

Amount of Time Played: 3 Hours and 35 Minutes

Biggest Win of the Day: €43.40

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