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True Valued Blackjack Bonuses

One thing that can be very hard to come across online is casino bonuses that will allow you to play a range of different blackjack games with those bonus credits. In fact many casinos that will allow you to utilize their new player and ongoing bonuses often put in place very strict rules in regards to which blackjack games you can use those bonuses on, and often the stakes you will be able to play them for with bonus funds in your casino account.

Therefore being able to locate and then claim high and true valued casino bonuses if often going to be very hard to achieve, however this particular casino game playing guide which makes up a series of guides explaining the Mathematics of Casino Bonuses will enlighten you on just which bonuses are going to be worth claiming.

We will also list below some of the very best blackjack games you can play online with or without a casino bonus, and as we have a large number of licensed and approved and top rated casino sites reviewed throughout website we shall also enlighten you on which casinos are famed for giving you the best valued bonuses.

So read on for if you do enjoy playing blackjack online or even on a mobile device this guide is certainly going to help you get the maximum playing value from your blackjack playing bankroll.

Best Valued Blackjack Bonuses

The one aspect to playing blackjack and being able to win more times that you lose is knowing how to play the variant you have opted to play optimally, and that will entail you knowing how to play off every single initial two card hand that has been dealt out to you based on the strength of not only that hand but also the value of the playing card the dealer is showing.

Every blackjack game has its own house edge that is the theoretical amount of cash the casino is expected to win off you over your long term play. It is that house edge that many casinos will use to determine the play through requirements attached to all casino bonuses they offer which can be used on blackjack games.

The very lowest house edge found on any blackjack game is the one attached to Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game, the single hand variant by the way has a lower house edge than the multi hand game, so always keep that in mind.

The house edge on that game is 0.13% and as such for every 100.00 you wager you will only be expected to lose over your long term play 0.13. However, that is why blackjack bonuses tend to have enormous playing through requirements attached to them when they can be used on blackjack games.

With that in mind any 100% deposit match bonus that only requires you to play through less than 7692 times your bonus amount only is a good bonus to take as it will give you a winning edge when playing that particular blackjack game variant online.

Which Blackjack Games to Play

The best blackjack games on offer at any online or mobile casino site are only going to be worth playing if you fully understand how to play those games optimally. You can make a lot of different playing errors when playing different blackjack game variants and that is something you need to fully understand.

However, when you choose to play at any Microgaming powered online casino site there is a game called the single hand gold series Classic Blackjack game, that game being a gold series variant comes with enhanced graphics and low to high staking options.

However, what makes that game highly playable is that it offers players a tiny house edge of just 0.13% that is therefore the only variant you should ever play when logged into any casino that has the Microgaming range of blackjack games on offer.

We do know that some players much prefer playing at casinos that use a different gaming platform and suite of games than that offered by Microgaming, and you will find several of our featured casino sites offer the Playtech range of blackjack games.

There is a game known as Blackjack Switch available in all Playtech powered sites and when playing that variant perfectly you will be able to get the house edge down to a low of just 0.16% and as such that is a game worthy of your real money gaming action.

Where to Play Online Blackjack

If you do fancy playing off a few hands of blackjack then please read on for below we have listed three of the very best casino sites all of which offer not only a large and diverse range of different blackjack games but plenty of bonuses and comps will be available to you when you play them for real money.

Thrills Casino – We have been very impressed with one of our newly approved online casinos sites that being Thrills Casino even more so thanks to their generous comp club. New players are going to be able to claim a large deposit match type of bonus and all of your real money blackjack playing action will earn you plenty of comp points too.

Royal Vegas Casino – If you do fancy playing hat very low house edge blackjack game we told you about earlier that being Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game then the casino site that you need to sign up to and play at for real money is the Royal Vegas Casino site who also have a generous bonus offer available to all new real money blackjack players.

Bet365 Casino – If you choose to play at Bet365 Casino then it is going to be the huge array of different Playtech designed game you will be accessing. Should you enjoy playing blackjack then make sure you learn how to play their Blackjack Switch game as that variant has a tiny house edge of just 0.16% and as such is the best variant they currently have on offer to players.

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