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Video Poker Games with High Stake Options

The stake levels at which you are going to be able to play Video Poker games online are not massively high, however due to the fast pace of these types of casino games, the stake levels that they can be played for and the huge number of games you can rattle through on anyone single session may make them appealing to high stake players.

In fact the one main attraction for any casino game player regarding Video Poker games is that due to some of these games having very high payout percentages attached to them, once you put into play the very best playing strategy you will always have a realistic chance of winning some substantial amounts of cash when you play them.

Below, as part of our series of articles that make up our Complete Guide to High Rolling, we are going to enlighten you on just which Video Poker games are available online and let you know what you can expected in regards to the payout percentages offered via the pay tables attached to the variants found at various online casino sites.

High Stake High Paying Video Poker Games

Before we enlighten you as to the highest paying Video Poker games you need to be aware that many variants on offer will have an enhanced jackpot payout attached to their pay tables and as such you should always be playing maximum coins per hand on most variants to take advantage of those enhanced jackpot payouts.

Also as you may be new to playing Video Poker games, and may not know how to play each initial base hand dealt out to you perfectly, we would suggest you turn on the Auto Hold option on any Video Poker game variant you play.

By turning this option on as soon as you have chosen a stake level, clicked on the deal button, and have been dealt out your first five playing cards, the game will automatically hold the best cards for your from those five base cards, and that ensure you are playing each hand optimally.

Microgaming High Stake Video Poker Games

If you are a fan of playing at casinos that utilize Microgaming’s state of the art gaming platform and software then you are going to be blessed with a very large and diverse range of high stake Video Poker game variants, should you have not played at a casino using this gaming platform before then we can highly recommend the Royal Vegas Casino.

It should be noted that you are going to find the biggest and most diverse selection of Video Poker game variants when you access and utilize the fully downloadable gaming platform at this casino site, however they do have a smaller collection of games on offer on both their mobile and instant play gaming platforms.

The highest paying Video Poker game variant in regards to its expected long term payout percentage at Microgaming powered casinos is the All Aces variant. This game when played optimally will return an expected RTP of 99.92% over the long term. There is no other online variant of Video Poker that has a RTP as high as that, and as such if you are permitted to play at Microgaming powered casino sites based on where you live in the world then that variant is the only one you should be playing.

A lot of Video Poker players will much prefer playing games such as Jacks or Better due to the fact it is a long established game and has to be one of the easiest variants to play. When you play this game at Microgaming powered casino sites you are going to find several different variants of it on offer.

You will find a classic single hand variant along with several different multi hand variants. In fact you will also find on offer a brand newly structured game that being their level up Jacks or Better game. By selecting their standard single hand variant you are going to be able to take advantage of a game that returns a house edge of 99.54% when played perfectly.

One other variants of Video Poker game that you will find available at our featured high roller Microgaming software powered casino listed above, is the All American Video Poker game, this game has a slightly lower long term expected payout percentage attached to it, but when you are playing the maximum number of coins per hand you will, over the long term, get an expected payout percentage of 99.38%.

There are several dozen other Video Poker game variants on offer at all Microgaming software powered casino sites, however the other games on offer do not come with as a high a payout percentage as those games just mentioned, so whilst those other variants may look appealing, for the best winning chances we would advise you stick to playing the All Aces, Jack or Better or the All American variants.

Playtech High Stake Video Poker Games

When you are a high stake player you will not want to be playing at a casino site that is going to drag out your winning cash outs and as such will want to play at a casino that guarantees you of the very quickest withdrawal times and will not have low maximum cash out limits in place.

Sadly, when playing at some Playtech software powered casinos you will often find they have very low maximum cash out limits and as such you will be best advised to stick to playing at the Bet365 Casino if you are a high rolling player and want to get paid out usually within an hour or two of you requesting a winning payout and as they have huge maximum cash out limits you will not be waiting for weeks to get paid your winnings.

When playing at this Playtech powered casino site you are going to find more than enough high stake Video Poker games on offer, and as such let us present to you the variants which have the most generous and high paying pay tables attached to their Video Poker game variants.

The highest paying pay table attached to any Playtech powered casinos Video Poker games is the one found on the single hand Jacks or Better game. When playing this variant if you play with all five coins in play and play it perfectly then you can expect that pay table to return a payout percentage of 99.54%.

Be aware though that all Playtech powered casinos, including Bet365 have a set of multi hand Video Poker game variants on offer, however it has to be noted that the pay table on the 10 hands or more Jacks or Better Video Poker game variants is not as generous as the single hand variant, and as such you are best advised to stick to playing their single hand variant.

The only other Video Poker game worth playing at Bet365 Casino or in fact any other online casino that utilizes the Playtech suite of games and its gaming platform is the Aces and Faces variant. However, once again much like their Jacks or Better variant you are going to find both a single hand and multi hand variant on offer, and it is the single hand variant that has the most generous pay table attached to it.

If you play the Aces and Faces single hand variant optimally which will mean you play each base hand perfectly and play with all five coins in play the expected long term house edge of that game as per the payouts listed on its pay table is quite large and generous at 99.26%, this will drop down to just 95.44% if you play their 10 hands or more multi hand Aces and Faces variants.

High Rolling Real Time Gaming Video Poker Games

You do need to be aware that whenever you play at some online casinos that are powered by Real Time Gaming software platforms the payout percentages on their Video poker game variants are not going to be as high as when you play those games at other Real Time Gaming software powered casino sites.

The reason for this is that RTG permit the operators and owners of their casinos to pick and choose from several different pay tables that they can attach to any and all of their Video Poker games.

By giving their casino site operators the maximum flexibility in regards to the pay tables they can attach to their Video Poker games those site operators are then able to offer larger player bonuses and balance the cost of those generous larger than average bonuses with slightly reduced payouts on their Video Poker games.

One of the best sets of pay tables we have found attached to Video Poker games offered by Real Time Gaming powered casinos are those attached to variants over at the Win Palace Casino and as such if you want the maximum winning chances and are a high rolling Video Poker player it will be beneficial for you to play at that RTG powered site.

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