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Well Structured Slot Bonuses

Grabbing as many casino bonuses that can be used on slot games is one thing many online and mobile slot players are always going to want to do, and it is true to say that at no matter which of our featured casino sites you choose to sign up to you are going to find more than enough bonuses on offer.

However, here at Casinos for Money we want you to have the very best experience playing slot games online, and part and parcel of you being able to do just that will see you knowing which are the best valued bonuses to claim. In fact we have just loaded up several articles which form our Mathematics of Casino Bonuses series of casino game playing guides and this one if dedicated to the world of claiming slot game bonuses.

As such if you are an avid and regular slot playing online then keep on reading for we will let you know all there is to know about claiming not only the best valued bonuses but also those that will give you a fair chance of winning.

Plus below you will also find details on which are the very best slot games to play online or on any type of mobile device and we will also point you in the right direction of which are the most generous casinos when it comes to them giving away regular slot player bonus offers.

Best Valued Slot Bonuses

You need to keep two things in mind when you claim a slot game bonus and that will be the actual percentage of your deposited amount that you will be able to claim and also the amount of play through that you have to achieve before your bonus credits become real money playing credits.

The most common type of slot game bonus you are going to be able to claim at various different online and mobile casinos sites are 100% deposit match bonuses, and when you claim such a bonus the best type of bonus you can claim will be those which only have a play through requirement attached to the bonus funds and not your deposited funds.

Next you have to take into account the actual play through requirement in regards to determining whether a bonus is a true valued one or not. As the average payout percentage of most but not all slot games is around the 96% mark then we shall use that as our basis for working out a good valued slot game related bonus.

When playing a slot offering a 96% payout percentages then for every 100.00 you wager over the long term you are expected to lose 4.00. With that in mind if you have claimed say a 100.00 bonus then any bonus which has a play through requirement of less than 25 times the bonus funds only will be a good one to claim when playing lots offering a payout percentage of 96% or higher.

Which Slot Games to Play

As every online casino is going to be powered by a different software company you are often going to find lots of different games available at each casino site you try out.

However, due to some recent changes in regards to the licensing requirements of many online casinos those sites are now by law required to give all of their players and potential players as much information in regards to the payout percentages attached to all of their games.

With that in mind the best slot games you can play at any casino site are of course those which come with the highest payout percentages, and whilst there was a time when it was impossible to find that information out you can now find the expected long term payout percentage listed on many casino websites.

So before you start to play at any casino site make sure you have a good hunts around the websites of those casinos as often hidden away will be a complete list of every slot games expected long term payout percentage.

A general good rules of thumb as a slot player is for you to actively seek out only the slots offering RTP’s of higher than 97% as those will always be the types of slot games that return more of your stakes back to you as winning payouts over your long term play. Avoid some to the progressive slots as they often have payout percentages in the 80% range.

Where to Slot Games

You are of course going to want to know just which online casinos give away the very best valued sign up and ongoing bonuses and with that in mind please do checkout the following casino reviews as we have some high valued exclusive new player bonuses available.

Bet365 Casino – You will find three different ways are available to you to play slot at Bet365 Casino, you can download their Playtech powered downloadable gaming platform, or you can access and instant play gaming platform packed with slot games from lots of different suppliers or you can download their state of the art mobile app directly onto your touch screen mobile device.

Casino Euro – It will be the high paying instant play NetEnt slot games which you are always going to be able to access and play over at Casino Euro and there is no better time to sign up as a new player of this top rated casino site for they are giving away a huge deposit match bonus offer to all new players.

Miami Club Casino – You will be spoilt for choice in regards to the unique slot games you are going to be able to get stuck into playing at our US player friendly Miami Club Casino site, in fact do checkout their popular 7 reel slot games for they have been designed in an unusual way but all of them offer high payout percentages and some mega jackpots can be won when playing any of them even for low stakes.

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