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When Are You More likely to Win a Playtech Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpots offered at Playtech Casinos can often dazzle, overwhelm or even become something of a magnet for slot players, as with sites such as Omni Casino and Bet365 Casino offering such a wide and varied selection of slots which can and do offer jackpots that can change your life for the better, in a financial way, you can often find yourself instantly attracted to playing them due to no other reason other than the size of the current jackpots attached to them.

Playtech have of course been designing online, mobile and now a range of land based slots for years and as such in regards to the type of progressive games you will find offered at any site utilizing their gaming platforms and range of game you will find plenty of progressive slots structured in a way you will enjoy playing.

Below we have compiled a listing of many different progressive slots games form Playtech and will enlighten you as to the best time to get stuck into playing any of them or will give you a few pointers as to when you should avoid playing them. Playtech slots are completely random however and whilst they can spin in a jackpot combination at any time, knowing which slots are more likely to payout as opposed to those that are unlikely to pay out when you play them should enable you to pick and choose just which one you end up playing.

Everybody’s Jackpot – As soon as you stop playing progressive slot games then your chances of winning the jackpot end there and then, however if you choose to play the Everybody’s Jackpot Slot which is exclusively found in Playtech casino sites then you will still have a chance of winning a share of the progressives jackpot even after you have stopped playing that slot.

This slot is structured in a very unique way and when you play it you will eventually qualify for a share of the progressive jackpot if it is won by another player within 24 hours of you having stopped playing it! So for a chance to win a share of what could turn out to be a very large jackpot payout even after having stopped playing a progressive slot then the one you should be allocating some of your slot playing session to is the Everybody’s Jackpot slot.

Progressive Jackpot Draw – Playtech have never been afraid of pushing the boundaries in regards to designing slot games with new and more advanced features, and one of their most recent progressive jackpot awarding slots is the Love Boat Slot and when playing this slot game you will have more chances of winning the progressive jackpot by doing two things.

The first thing you need to do when playing this slot is to hope the special Bonus symbol drops onto the fifth reel at any time, and each time it does you will be randomly awarded with a set of raffle tickets. Once a week a draw will take place and you will be hoping that one of your tickets is drawn out and if so then the jackpot will be yours.

The one tip we can pass onto you for playing this slot in the hope of having a much increased chance of winning that draw is to play the slot for as long as you can as the more tickets you are awarded with then the much greater your chances will be of having one of them drawn out of the hat on draw day.

Multiple Progressive Slots – You do not need to have an amazing grasp of mathematics to realise that the more progressives jackpot that are attached to any slot game the more chances you will have of winning one of those jackpots when playing such a slot.

With that in mind you are going to have four times more chances of winning a progressive jackpot if you choose to play the Marvel Jackpot Slots offered at Playtech powered sites simply due to the fact those slots all have four jackpots on offer.

However, what you do need to be aware of is that they are randomly awarded to players and before winning one of them you first have to play a pick and match type of bonus feature round, and also be aware the more you wager on the base game spin the more chances overall that you will have of being awarded one of the bonus games that will ultimately see you winning one of the four progressive jackpots.

Average Jackpot Amounts – There is another quite easy way that you will have something of an increased chance of winning a progressive jackpot, and that will be for you to play those slots on which the jackpots have become so large in value that they are currently higher than the usual amounts that they award to winning players.

Each long established Playtech progressive slot game will have a track record in regards to when it has paid out its jackpot, and if you can work out the average amount won by each player over a long period of time then spotting when a jackpot has become overdue will be easy, and as such when you do spot a larger than average jackpot attached to any of their slots then by playing it when it is overdue you will have a much better chance of winning that jackpot.

Rarely Won Jackpots – There are however some progressive games available at Playtech Casinos that rarely award their respective jackpots, and you will be best advised to make yourself familiar with just which games they are, for when playing them your chances of winning the jackpot will be much lower than when you play any game which tends to award its jackpot at regular intervals.

There are many games that you should always avoid playing due to the infrequency of their jackpots being won and one of them is the Jackpot Darts game, which is an Arcade Game from Playtech. Other games that rarely award their progressives jackpots include the Beach Life Slot which can go for months before awarding its jackpot and also the Wild Viking slot.

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