2 Million B.C. Online Slot Machine Review

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – This 2 Million B.C. slot game much like all other BetSoft Gaming powered slot games comes with a very high payout percentage which makes it a much sought after and highly playable slot game.

Stake Levels – If you like to high roll when playing slot games online then make sure you put into play five 0.50 coins per payline when playing this slot, however if you like to low roll you can always play one coin worth just 0.02 on as many of its paylines as you like.

Jackpot Payout – 2500 coins is the maximum base game jackpot you can win on the 2 Million B.C. slot game and this is awarded when you spin in five of the Woman symbols.

Standard Reel Symbols – The 2 Million B.C. slot games reel symbols include all of the following symbols: Wheel, Club, Necklace, Fossil, Vase, Red Jewel, Woman, Sabre Tooth Tiger, Bee, Monument, Fire Chestnut and White Diamond.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – It is the Fire symbols found on all five reels of this slot game which are the Scatter symbols. You will also find bonus symbols which are the Acorn symbols.

Wild Symbols – There are no Wild symbols on this 2 Million B.C. slot game.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – The Free Spins bonus game on this slot game is very unique in its playing structure, for once you have three of the Fire scatter symbols dropping into view then you get to play out a free spins bonus game, and these free spins have no limit imposed on how many free spins you will be awarded with.

As long as you get the Fire symbols spinning in as the free spins are playing out then you will keep on being awarded with winning payouts and those free spins will keep on rolling, get no Fire symbols spinning in on any free spin and the bonus game will then come to an end.

Bonus Game – You will find some Acorn symbols on the reels, and whenever you get these symbols spinning in they will be saved up on the slot game screen, the aim of this is for you to save up three Acorn symbols as you are playing and once you do then you get to play out a very unusual type of bonus game.

This will see you then having to lob the Acorns at the Dinosaur and by doing so you will be awarded with a set number of coins dependent on how well aimed your shot was. The more you have wagered on the base game that triggered this bonus game the more you stand to win.

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