2014 in Review from an Online Casino Perspective

It has been over 20 years since the first fully functional online casino went live, and in those twenty plus years we have seen the face of online gambling change from all recognition. In 2014 we have seen new casinos come online and some of the older more established ones have closed their doors on players living in certain countries, as new gambling laws take effect in different parts of the world, but as always 2014 has been a fun filled and exciting time for all online casino players and everyone involved in online gaming.

We have therefore decided to put together a series of articles that are going to take a look back at 2014 and present to you all of the highs and lows of the last twelve months, so please if you do have a little spare time have a look at each of the following articles, as you may have missed some of those highlights of the last year.

Jackpot Winners

Much like every year, 2014 has seen a large number of progressive online casino game players being lucky enough to win some huge amounts of cash, and as part of our review of the last twelve months we are going to take a look at some of the Largest Online Jackpots Won in 2014.

We will let you know which games awarded record breaking jackpots in the last twelve months and will also let you know just how much was awarded to players playing the most played progressive jackpot awarding games.

You are always going to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot online, no matter how much you have available to wager with, and as such never be under the impression that a small or reduced gambling budget is not going to enable you to try your luck playing games offering life changing jackpots, as the opposite is in fact true.

Most Popular Casino Games

It doesn’t really matter what year it is, there is always going to be a huge number of online casino game players playing games either for real money or for free at any of the thousands of online casinos that are readily available.

There are however some casino games that get a lot more attention that other games, and during 2014 we did see quite a number of games getting a lot more attention from players than other games. With this in mind we have compiled a list of the Most Played Casino Games in 2014, and being popular games you will of course still find them on offer no matter when you are reading this news article.

We have include in that guide a range of games which can be accessed as both free to play and real money games, so if any of them catch your attention and you wish to sample them but in a no risk playing environment then that is something you are able to do.

Brand New Casino Games

You are always going to find new casino games being launched every single month of the year, for one aspect of being a successful casino operator is to ensure your gaming suite is always fresh and up to date, as that will always keep your customers happy and will guarantee they never grow tired of playing the same old games over and over each time they log into your casino site.

It is always the case that the biggest category of games that sees the largest array of new games being launched onto it are slot games, and 2014 was certainly a year that saw lots of brand new online slot games being launched, each of those new slots did of course come with some unique.

Take a look at our 2014 Slot Game Innovations article, for we have a round up in that article of some of the most exciting and most entertaining new slot games released in during 2014 and each slot listed is worth playing due to one or more features that you will come across attached to those slots.

The Best Online Casinos at which to Play

Every year we see new casinos coming online and often some casinos that have been around for many years will either close their cyber doors for the last time or will be bought out by another casino operator. In fact there were a lot of changes during 2014 due in no small part to some countries of the world imposing new gambling laws, which means some casino operators chose to stop accepting players from certain countries.

In the UK for example a new law came into force that required any online casino wishing to promote their services to players based in Great Britain needed to apply for and be granted a UK Gambling Commission issued gaming license, and this proved to be too much for some sites and many casino closed their doors to UK players.

However, as is always the case it is the forward thinking online casino operators that always shine through and there are several online casinos that have stood out as first class gaming venues in 2014, by giving their players a large and impressive suite of games, fast on time winning payouts and of course a fully licensed and regulated casino site at which to play at.

In recognition of the best operated online casinos we have put together a listing of the very Best Online Casinos in 2014, these casinos have stood out like a shining beacon throughout the year and as sites worthy of every online casino game players attention and real money gaming action.

Take a look at the casino listed on that section of the website for they all offer you something unique but much more importantly each casino listed will ensure you have a fully rounded and thoroughly enjoyable online gaming session and plenty of value for money bonuses offers and promotions plus of course if you win they will always pay you rapidly.

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