5 Creative Ways to Get to Vegas for Free

How to get your Vegas vacation without spending a dime? Time to get creative!

1. Run to the nearest print shop and ask them to create a flyer about an important conference/trade show happening in the city – Someone has to represent the company and it’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make. (Though if your boss decides to come too, you’ll need a whole lot of liquor to convince him or her that the folks around the craps table are just bidding for your product..)

2. Start dropping hints in your spouse’s ear about how romantic it will be to renew your vows, especially when the ceremony is held by an Elvis look-alike.. Don’t forget to act surprise when he or she pulls the tickets a day before your anniversary! (And if you discover that she or he dug into your retiring fund for this passionate gesture, take it to Reno from there – where you can get divorced in two weeks..)

3. Whenever your grown kids come to visit, start moaning about the cold weather, and how nothing will please you more than the hot desert sun. (Though if you raised them too well, they might buy you a permanent condo in Florida..)

4. Launch a charity walk-a-thon to raise funds for a worthy cause- from your hometown to…guess where. Your expenses will be covered, and you’ll get a great workout (though keeping all your winnings to yourself will make you look like the meanest miser since Ebenezer Scrooge)

5. Want to keep your delicate feet intact? Start an online “send me to Vegas” campaign, where you promise to do something whacky when you get there. You’ll be surprised how many kind souls roam the web, willing to spare a dollar or two just to see you being silly. (And yes, the old saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” unfortunately does not apply once your videos hit youtube..)

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