5 Reasons I Would Rather Gamble Online

I love going out and all but lately more and more of my friends and I rather stay home to play poker and casino games than dressing up and rub shoulders with the madding crowds. Call us anti-social, but gambling online from home didn’t become one of the most popular past times for nothing!

In my home casino I’m the perfect host and the biggest VIP player around. I pull my favorite chair, pour my favorite drinks, prepare my favorite snacks, and put on my favorite music…what else could I ask for? That’s called being in the zone, baby!

Here are five reasons why playing from home rules over our leisure:

1) It’s cheap entertainment
At a price of two movie tickets plus popcorn I can spend a couple of hours playing online casino games for real money, and I can assure you it’s twice as thrilling and interesting than any franchise/action/comedy/drama movie you’ll get to see this summer that is going to bring yet another attack of the sequels… I laugh, I cry, I cheer the hero (me of course…), my adrenalin pumps, and I’ve got all the elbow space I need to do it. No one makes me sit through 30 minutes of commercials and I never overcharge myself for sodas…

2) Ah, blessed solitude…
Here I’m all about the game. It’s just me relaxing, no lovey-dovey honeymooners, smug rich tourists, or specimens from that special breed of loud cocky players who seem to follow me around from the craps table to the bar to the bathroom. No mysterious hot table-mate (make that terrifying thug) will flirt with me (and make that scare the pants off me) just to hustle me (well, make that throw me off my game). Oh and don’t forget I can pick my nose to my heart’s content without making the dealer flinch from handling my chips. Now, that’s a bonus.

Sometimes it’s just about having a relaxing evening to ease my mind off work quietly with myself, without going to the pub where you can’t even smoke anymore while the price of beer is climbing through the roof…and this way I don’t get a hangover.

3) What I love about online poker games you play from home is that you spend time doing what you love with people that feel the same. So basically I hang out with friends without losing my parking space. But the best thing is that the chat window is too small for them to start telling me about their kids or how they argued with their boss, and you will never, but never, be shown ten thousand photos from their recent vacation!

4) As silly as I wanna be
I can scream, shout and do my little victory dance when I win with zero risk to my reputation as the coolest player since Steve McQueen. I can do all that minus the dance and plus some heavy swearing if I’m caught with my pants down. Releasing tensions is very good for your health, I’ve been told. I know I don’t want any witnesses to my walk of shame after that shark in sweet old lady’s clothing drained the slot I’ve been working for the past hour.

5) Lose my pants, but in a good way
I don’t care how good it may look, there’s no way James Bond’s tux or any of his girls’ frocks is comfier than my pajamas. I can play in my sweat pants. Hey, I can play with no pants at all. You just can’t count cards right when all you want is to kick off your shoes…Sure, you can always show up in a T-shirt and sandals at Monaco’s most stuck-up casino, but somehow it’s just not the same, is it? Hey, where did I put my lucky sweat pants?

So what’s so fun about playing casino games from home? Forget the flashy software and fat bonuses, it’s all those little things that make life worth living, like peace and quiet, expressing yourself freely, and snugly pajama pants. Seriously.

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