5 Reel Video Slots Online

Similar to video games you can play on a computer, or home console device, online video slots have made quite a name for themselves. There are no spinning reels in these machines, only pictures of them. That’s the only major difference between these new games of chance and the standard electronic reel machines. Both are programmed by computer chips that predetermine the icon combination of each spin with a random-number generator.

What really sets a video slots experience apart from electronic slots is the amount of creativity available in the games. Manufacturers have added more interaction to the games with touch screens and widespread options. Some video slot machines even have “bonus” rounds, or “mini video games” offering even more possibilities to win big money! Multi-line video slots with bonus games are slowly becoming the most popular form of slots gambling these days. The future likely holds yet more innovations.

Where to Play Online Videos Slots for Real Money

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Playing multiple paylines

Most players couldn’t tell exactly how they manage to continue winning. It’s simply a random event; a certain symbol happens to land in a certain spot. It all relies on chance.

Video reel machines are making slots more exciting. A majority of these games have 5 reels, showing 3 symbols on the screen. With this wide playing area, they can offer as many as 45 paylines to you for betting. The paylines are formed by drawing lines across screen, lining up five symbols in various ways, and not necessarily in a straight line. A winning combination on any active payline is going to pay out, not just straight across the middle. The best part is that the machine tallies all these paylines for you, so any winning combinations combine into a single payout at the end of the turn. Activate paylines by betting more coins per spin. More paylines means more chances to win!

Scatter symbols are available in some games. These symbols will pay out any time they appear on the screen, usually in groups of two or more. They don’t even have to form a combination, or even be on a payline.

A few games offer multiplier symbols, too, which will multiply the payout of any winning combination in which it is included. A 10-credit combination would yield a 150-credit payout with a 15 times multiplier symbol on the winning payline.

The bonus rounds mentioned before can sometimes be triggered by special symbol combinations appearing on the screen. These games can lure gamers in, offering more chances to win and even more fun. There’s one point worth considering, however. Most of the video games that include a bonus round provide smaller payouts than other games without bonus rounds. The opportunity to win big is the major draw with a video game, and is what you pay for. With so much creativity in the machines, there are too many interactive games to mention. You’ll know if you’ve hit the bonus round; the games include speakers and extra video to enhance the entire experience. Just follow the bonus game instructions and try for that big payout!

5-Reel Video Slots Strategy

If you want to maximize your chances of hitting without breaking your budget, bet max lines on 5-reel video slots (but NOT necessarily max coins)

Video slots, sometimes referred to as penny slots, play differently than traditional 3-reel slots. On most video slots it doesn’t help your odds to increase the number of coins you play. However, the more lines you play, the better your chances of hitting a winning combination. The best strategy is to play the max lines (as long as that fits your bankroll) and increase the number of coins per line as you win more.

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