500 Spins on Dead or Alive Online Slot Machine

dead-or-alive-slotIt’s been a while since I played 500 spins on an online slot machine and posted a report on it. I could post one of these every day since I play way more than 500 spins a day on slots when testing new games to review on the site but it takes about 5 hours to produce one of these posts with play time, video editing and uploading to Youtube so I don’t find the time for it very often.

Today I found myself with a bit of spare time on my hands however so I thought I would take it up where I left off and play 500 spins on the highly volatile Dead or Alive slot from NetEnt.

Since this online slot is so volatile I decided it was best to play it with a first deposit bonus so I signed up at the brand new Buck and Butler Casino where I got a 100% bonus on my €350 deposit and also 50 free spins on the Starburst slot.

Part 1 – Spin 1 to 100

I didn’t hit any free spin round on the first 100 spins, which is what I am ofter when playing this game. I did however hit a couple of nice line wins (biggest one over €120) so I am making a profit so far.

Part 2 – Spin 101 to 200

Not much interesting happened during this part. I hit a couple of smaller line wins but not enough to make it a profitable 100 spins. I am hoping the free spins will trigger soon as that’s really the only time this game is truly interesting to play.

Part 3 – Spin 201 to 300

Yet another 100 spins without getting the three scatters I need in order to trigger the free spins which is where the real potential is when playing the DoA slot machine. I didn’t even get that many decent line wins during this session so my balance is dwindling fast. I am hoping to get the free spins at least once over the last 200 spins otherwise this will be a pretty boring blog post.

Part 4 – Spin 301 to 400

Once again a pretty boring 100 spins to look at as I still can’t get the three scatters to trigger the free spins. I did hit one line win of €90 but that’s about it and the balance is getting smaller for each spin so I need a miracle over the next 100 spins to end up with a positive RTP percentage.

Part 5 – Spin 401 to 500

During my last 100 spins the line hits were coming further and further apart and they weren’t really paying that well either. On top of that I didn’t hit any free spins either so that’s an impressive streak of 500 spins at a €2.70 stake without getting three scatters.


I started out the session really well and I was up close to €150 at one point but as usually happens when playing a longer slot session the balance starts getting smaller and smaller.

The RTP percentage of 86% over my 500 spins isn’t that great but it’s to be expected when the scatters aren’t coming your way.

Now that I’m back in the game and still have a healthy balance on my Buck and Butler account I will try to squeeze in 500 spins on another game as well and report on that in a separate post.

Bet Per Spin: €2.70

Starting Balance: €2138.15

Closing Balance: €1842.05

Return to Player: 86.15%

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.
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