500 Spins on Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Online Slot Machine

WOZ-Ruby-Slippers-MainI have been thinking a bit about how I could add more unique articles to this site instead of just generating what’s out there on all the other casino related websites and I came up with this idea where I play 500 spins on various online slot machines for real money and report on the payback percentage and number of bonus games and features I trigger along the way. This way readers of the CasinosForMoney.com blog could get a feel for how the different slot machines pay out and how easy it is to trigger the features before deciding to spend their own hard earned money.

I decided to play the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot first as it’s one of my favourite slot machines available online.

This is how it went down.

Part 1

It might be a consider a bit of a spoiler but during the first 50 spins or so there isn’t much happening here. It only gets interesting towards the end of this video where I get the “Wicked Witch” feature but I don’t end up winning anything major. Hopefully there will be more action later in this session otherwise I end up having about an hour worth of useless video footage for Youtube.

Part 2

If the first part was completely free of any type of action this second part was the exact opposite. It just took me 7 spins to get to the first feature which didn’t pay all that great but after that the features just came lining up. I hit the Wicked Witch feature almost directly after the previous feature win and cashed in for another €19.20. I then proceeded to play another 2 spins before I hit the “Ruby Slippers” feature, which is kind of the holy grail in this game for another €65.60 payday.

But the good run didn’t end there as I manage to get all the 5 figures for the Wicked Witch feature and cashed in on a €123.60 win to round up this part of the session. At this point I have now played a total of 84 spins and I am up about €190 for the day.

Part 3

This part of the 500 spins session wasn’t all too exciting and it can probably get a bit boring to watch but there’s nothing I can do to spice up the video. The end result is that after 102 spins recorded in this part I managed to hit the Ruby Slippers feature and the Free Games feature without much result. As you can see at the end of the video I also get a system error so I had to restart the game. That’s probably the only thing I really hate about this slot, the fact that this error happens way too often.

Part 4

Again it’s a pretty eventless video if you watch the whole thing. I did get the Ruby Slippers feature and a couple of other features over the spins I played here but not really any big wins or events to report on. I have now completed 331 out of the 500 spins I set out to do and my bankroll is still at a healthy plus so there’s a decent chance that I will end this session with a positive RTP percentage.

Part 5

After a dry period where nothing much happened I stumbled over another real hot streak where the features came close together. Many of them didn’t pay all that well as you can see in the video below but the Wicked Witch feature that paid €190 really stood out and it propelled my bankroll up over the €500 mark again.

As it stands right now I have played 462 spins out of my 500 and there is just no way that I can possibly end up with a negative RTP so that’s a pretty decent start to this little project of mine.

Part 6

The final part didn’t get all too exciting as I only had to play out the remaining 38 spins to complete the 500 but I did get the Ruby Slippers feature one more time along the ride, but it didn’t pay all that well.


I started out this blog post with saying that I really like the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot and after this session I stand by what I said at the beginning. I know the 161.5 payout percentage will not stand over several thousands of spins but the fact remains that this slot machine is paying out often and it’s paying out well. You will have to look for a long time before finding another slot that is pumping out features and bonus games as frequent as this one.

I would definitely recommend this online slot to anyone who’s looking for a fun slot that is handing out free spins and bonus features on a regular basis.

Bet Per Spin: €1.20

Starting Balance: €310

Closing Balance: €500.20

Return to Player: 161.5%

Author: Marcus Nilsson

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.
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