6 Habits of Winning Casino Players

What makes a winner? “Winner” is a personality type, an attitude, a state of mind. It’s also an image that other people read and respond to. A winner will always get a date, make money, and yes, beat the casino. To be a winner you have to think and act like one. Here’s a quick guide how to transform into a real hardcore winner.

How many times have you seen this scene in a casino? You’re sitting in the corner of your blackjack table, having an even game, and the beauty in the opposite table won’t give you the time of day. Up till now everyone around you are pretty much the same and then in he comes, throwing his jacket in a swift smooth motion, sitting in the center of the hottest table, with a glass of fine scotch the hostess served him on the house. And then he starts winning…and then the beauty you’ve been mooning over starts making eyes at him.

He’s not a better player than you, he’s not better looking, he’s not richer, and he’s not smarter. But he got the winner’s aura, and that makes a world of difference. The good news is that everyone can transform into a winner. The not so great news is that to be a winner you have to work hard.

If you’re ready to make that transformation, here is valuable advice you should take to heart.

1. Think Like a Winner
I know that sounds trivial, but this is the foundation of anything to follow. Our consciousness and perspective determines who we are, how other see us, and consequently how we live. From the day we are born we are embedded with rock-hard behavior patterns that don’t always work for our benefit. Parents, teachers, and others teach us to be “good” but that usually means disciplined, quiet, and passive. We are reared to obey people that aren’t that smarter than us (yes, I’m talking about your boss…), and keep our feelings and instincts to ourselves. The bottom line is, we are told to accept reality according to norms and act by them.

Well the first thing about being a winner is to defy what was presented to us as obvious and objective, and the place society seems to allocate for you. No more taking orders for granted! From now on you determine your goals and wills. I’m not saying beat up your boss, but even when you are doing what you have to when you don’t want to, do it your own way. Think James Bond – he always accomplishes the mission M lays down on him, but he stays wild while doing it…

How to start the change? Simply picture yourselves as winners. Take a scenario with a winner who you consider an ideal type and plant yourself in the picture. Imagine yourselves in all kind of scenes and then create scripts of the ‘winnerish’ way to handle them. How it works? Well, our thoughts – these intangible, abstract shadows – can change matter. Both our thoughts and the matter we are made of are created of the same tiny units called quantum (there’s a great movie about it, called What the Bleep Do We Know!? ). I recommend 5 minutes of winner-thinking every morning as soon as you wake up, and an extra 5 at night (you can take another one focusing on casino wins…) For advanced training, look up NLP.

2. Talk Like a Winner
When you’re talking about yourself, think big and focus on a positive message. When a winner tells a story or describes a situations he always positions himself as the center of the plot. I saw winners who worked in the mail room that could carry a story about themselves that would made senior executives feel small. Think of it this way – If your life were a movie, would you settle for a supportive role when you should be the lead?

Keep your speech interesting. Do not be monotonous in tone or content, because that’s just boring. Be a little dramatic when you talk about yourself, but never push it, or you’ll lose your credibility.

3. Act Like a Winner
This is the other end of the previous tip: When it comes to losing, No explanations, no apologies, and above all no temper tantrums. A sore loser is an ugly sight! Don’t try to explain why you lost the game, don’t get all apologetic about the money you lost. You can figure all that out privately. In public be as gracious as a prince. You can always compensate for this in your next win by sharing your wisdom in those stories we talked about before.

As the mental work acts from within, controlling your appearance acts from without. Both aspects complement each other, and both are required to accomplish your goal in becoming a winner.

4. Look Like a Winner
Very few winners walk among us with T-shirts and flip-flops. When you’re going out to a casino, a party, a bar, you name it, keep it handsome and smart. Keep tabs on fashion and don’t be too stingy on your shipping. Don’t be too humble, because you’ve got only one chance to make a first impression. And do yourself a huge favor and get at least one custom tailored suit made just for you, they are so much better then the ones you pick off a hanger. Buy good shoes. Women look at shoes, in case you haven’t heard that yet. Shave, get a decent haircut, and ware your best fragrance. (But only a little, you don’t want to scare people off).

You’ll see that you’ll grow into your outfit, and it will change your posture, body language, and the way other people treat you. They say you don’t judge a book by its cover, but a nice cover makes you take it off the shelf and pick inside, doesn’t it?

5. Smile
Wearing a smile helps us relax and focus. Smiling in time of pressure helps you achieve better results at what you’re doing. I’m not talking about a tooth-paste-commercial here – think Sean Connery rather than Julia Roberts. The best poker players, even after they lost a game, smile as they shake hands with the opponent. A smile is also evolutions way of letting us show our teeth, saying “this dog can bite, so don’t mess with me, you win this round, I’ll win the battle.”

6. Exercise
That’s right, I’m talking about sports. I know everyone tells you to do it, but the plain fact is that a winner can’t be limp. You can be stout or heavy, but you have to be firm and upright. Physical exercises (and martial arts in particular) improves your posture, confidence, and self esteem. As soon as your body feels stronger your mind will feel the same. People who don’t work out usually walk hunched with their head bowed down, while people who do walk erect. The first communicate a subliminal message of yielding, while the other look like the international symbol of confidence and defiance.

A Winner has pride that shows by the way you Keep your chin up no matter who’s trying to bend you over. To achieve this body language you must exercise regularly. Start out with 15 minutes a day – some push ups and sit ups – and add more routines gradually. If you need, consult a doctor for special exercises.

Congratulations on your choice to become a winner in this world. I hope you start this process now without giving in to the difficulties you’ll face or fearing the responses from your environment. Those who feel comfortable with your passive presence will be intimidated by the change, by real friends will support you, and you will make many new ones. Being a winner is in your reach. You can do this. You just need the discipline. It’s a struggle but it is worth it –Do not live your life with your head bowed down!

The change can take effect within as little as three months if you keep with the program and in time all the work will become your second nature.

I’d be happy to hear your responses, and you can share your personal experiences by sending us your story.

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