9 Smart Ways to Win At Online Slots

Top Tips When Playing Online Casino Games

The hard fact is that you cannot increase your odds of winning at online slots. These odds are integrated into the slot games’ RTP and you cannot affect them in any possible way.

However, there is always a chance you can win, no matter the odds. And you can win big too. It is all about luck after all. You cannot turn the odds in your favour. You can just hope you’ll get lucky on the next spin.

But you can take some steps to build a strategy that will improve your gameplay at online slots. An approach that is low cost to you and focuses on locking in the profit when available. In addition, these steps will help you identify the best slots to play based on your playing style.

Free Spins for the Win

An excellent way to win at online slots is by using free spins. Most online casinos will offer free spins as part of a welcome package dedicated for its new members. These are good, but they do require you to make a real money deposit in order to unlock them.

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The best free spins you can find are the ones that don’t require you to add funds. No deposit free spins represent a zero risk to you. You basically have a chance to win money for free. Some online casinos offer these free spins as a reward to its loyal members or as a welcome bonus as well. They are not very common, but you will come across them at one point or another.

Regardless of how you get them, the most important thing to know about free spins is their wagering requirement.

Low Wagering Requirement

The wagering requirement refers to the multiple times you have to wager the bonus offered before you can process a withdrawal. As such, free spins offers with low wagering requirements give you the best chance to walk away with your winnings.

The wagering requirement of any free spins offer will always be mentioned in its terms and conditions. Make sure you read them carefully and fully understand them.

Know Bonus Win Limits

On top of the wagering requirement, bonus offers come with limitations on how much you can win from them. These are also listed in their terms and conditions. So do take the time to read through them.

For example, you have £200 after meeting the wagering requirement from an online slots bonus offer. However, the offer states that you can only win a maximum of £100. Therefore, you can only withdraw £100. What happens to the extra £100 depends on the terms and conditions. Most times, it gets wiped off. If you’re lucky, it may be converted to further bonus money.

Set a Loss Limit

You should always set a limit on how much money you can afford to lose playing online slots. Whether you use the limit for a game session or split it across different games, it is up to you. But you should never play with money you cannot afford to lose.

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If you set a limit of £10, stick with it. No matter how tempting it is to keep adding money and spinning the reels, always play within your means.

Thankfully, most online casinos give you the option to set a loss limit before gameplay. That way you can make the smart decision before impulses take over.

Quit When In Profit

Ironically, this is one of the hardest concepts to wrap your head around. If you have more money than when you started playing online slots, cash out and call it a day. You have won, enjoy it, and don’t risk it.

In a practical example, if you started off with £100 and you get to £110, that’s a 10% return on your investment. That’s very good gambling. Profit made, profit locked.

It does take discipline to quit while ahead. After all, it’s always tempting to keep playing thinking you can win more, but you never know when you could lose it all, and money in your hands is, after all, money in your hands. 

Keep Away From Branded Slots

Branded slots are usually associated with celebrities, game and TV shows and others. People are drawn to them because of the popularity effect.

However, most branded slots usually have a combination of low RTP and high volatility. In layman’s terms, this means you can win big, but chances are few and far in between.

Can casinos manipulate RTP?

This is actually a concern of many individuals playing slots and your answer is here.

Maximum Bets on Progressive Jackpots Only

Progressive jackpots give you the chance to win life-changing amounts of money in an instant. The amount you can win depends on your stake though.

The jackpots advertised are definitely real. But you have to bet the maximum stake in order to win the full amount. Otherwise, you only win a fraction of it based on your stake. While this may still be a substantial amount, best to know about it beforehand.

With betting big there is always the risk of losing big. So once again, do not bet money you cannot afford to lose on online slots.

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Online Slots Volatility

Online slots have three different volatility levels as follows:

  1. Low Volatility – frequent but small value wins
  2. Medium Volatility – average wins of medium value
  3. High Volatility – few wins but of bigger value

If you like an extended gameplay session, low volatility online slots are your best choice. But if you want to win big, play high volatility slots. Just keep in mind there may be long losing streaks without a guarantee that a win will bring you into profit.

Sometimes volatility levels are clearly advertised. In most cases though, you will have to look them up individually.

In terms of actual payout formats when it comes to slot machines, we use the term “variance”. Variance can be low, middle or high. Variance refers to the fact that low variance slots give the players many low-value winning combinations. Cumulatively the player is likely to win more times as well as giving the player longer sessions. Any Jackpots here would usually be relatively small. Read up more details about slot variance.

RTP for You

The RTP of an online slot game should be much easier to find than its volatility. By law, the RTP has to be accessible to players.

RTP stands for Return To Player and it represents the amount you can expect to win back over an undetermined period of time playing a certain online slot game.

For example, for a slot game with an RTP of 98.7%, you can expect to get back £98.7 for every £100 you play with. Keep in mind, this is an estimated, not exact figure.

But generally speaking, the higher the RTP of a slot game, the lower the chances you will lose. So it’s best to stick with high RTP slot games. 

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