A Complete Guide to Microgaming’s Fruit Machines

Billion-Dollar-Gran-Slot-MainThere is one category of slot machines that you should consider playing if you enjoy getting stuck into slots which offer a very large and diverse range of bonus games and base game bonus features, and love playing slots which have a high hit frequency which means you will trigger and will be awarded those bonus games and bonus features at very regular intervals when playing them online.

These are of course the Fruit Machines, and it is Microgaming who has mastered the very fine art of designing then releasing some of the most playable Fruit Machines found anywhere online. Below you are going to find the Microgaming network wide range of Fruit Machines and we have divided this listing up to enable you to find just which of these games offer what type of bonus games.

Fruit Machines with Cash Ladder Bonus Games

A Cash Ladder is one of the most exciting types of bonus games that can be awarded to you when playing a Fruit Machine, for when this bonus game is awarded to you a bonus screen will launch and on it you will find a ladder type of display on which a range of cash amounts or multiplier values are arranged in a ladder type structure, these will flash randomly and you need to click on the stop button to illuminate one of them.

Whichever cash amount or multiplier values you light up will be the one you win, and they can and do vary in value and could award you with a winning payout worth up to 1000 times your staked amount. Many of these Fruit Machines come with a Yes/No Repeater bonus feature which is another click to stop type game and should you light up the word Yes then you get to play the Cash Ladder bonus game again.

If you fancy taking your chances on a Cash Ladder awarding Fruit Machine then there are no shortages of them available, some excellent examples of these types of slots include the Abra-Kebab-Ra slot, the Chavin’ it Large slot along with the You Lucky Barstard game. The seaside themed Mule Britannia slot and the Game On slot game also feature a Cash Ladder bonus round that is triggered quite often.

When you are playing The Umpire Strikes Back slot game you need to predict whether the number about to be spun in on one of three number reels is going to be higher or lower than the last one, if you guess correctly you then move up one of the bonus ladders and will be awarded a more valuable cash payout or a potentially better paying bonus feature.

Bonus Board Awarding Fruit Machines

You will either get to love or hate the Bonus Board awarding Fruit Machines, for whenever you are awarded this main bonus game you then get to spin a dice or a number reel and each roll of that dice or spin of that reel will see you moving around the board a certain number of spaces depending on which number you rolled or spun in.

Working your way around the Bonus Board will see you picking up cash awards, nudges or additional bonus features which are all accumulated, and the trick to playing these types of Fruit Machines is knowing when to collect the bonus feature, nudges or cash amounts you have so far amassed, for by continuing to work your way around the Bonus Board you run the risk of losing what you have so far won if you land on the wrong position on the Bonus Board.

You will find more than enough Fruit Machines that offer a Bonus Board type of bonus game, so make sure that you check out and play slots such as the comical Apocalypse Cow game and the Bundle in the Jungle slot, as well as playing some colourful slots such as the Thor Blimey game the Cash n Curry fruity or the action packed Cops n Robbers game, or how about getting stuck into the Egyptian themed Lady Luxor Fruit Machine which offers an additional large base game jackpot.

Some other Bonus Board awarding Fruit Machines that are always worth some play time include the Stallionaire game, the Irish themed Treasure Ireland slot and the car racing themed Winning Wheels slot. Another couple of games worth playing if you fancy giving these Bonus Board Fruit Machines a try are the HipHopopotamus game and the Gee Gees slot, both of which should always put a smile on your face thanks to their very unique themes.

The Pandamonium slot as well as the Phileas Hog game both come with a Bonus Board game which is presented on a wheel type of layout, the way you play this bonus game is by spinning a numbered reel and whatever number spins in will see the bonus wheel move that number of spaces, the longer you remain in the bonus game the more you stand to win.

Fruit Machines with Win Spins Bonus Rounds

There are some huge amounts of cash to be won when you are playing Microgaming Fruit Machines that award a set of Win Spins instead of cash amounts whenever you spin in a winning combination via the base game.

The pay table on these kinds of Fruit Machines can often be adjusted and as such you can put into live play a low, mid or high variance type of pay table, and whenever a set of matching reel symbols are spun in you will then get to play a certain amount of spins on a slot which loads onto the bonus game screen.

The beauty of Win Spins awarding slots is that you could win big even if you have spun in the lower valued winning combinations on any base game spin, for you will never know just how much you are going to win on the bonus game slot, however what is guaranteed is that every spin awarded to you will result in a winning spin on that bonus game slot.

If you fancy giving these kinds of Fruit Machines a whirl then the games you should be tracking down to play include the Billion Dollar Gran game, the Ski Bunny slot which is always fun to play, or you could play the great looking Fire n Dice slot and both the Track and Field Mouse and the Win Spinner slot game.

Shoot ‘Em up Bonus Games

One type of Fruit Machine that is always guaranteed to give you an entertaining and a potentially high paying bonus game are the Shoot ‘Em Up bonus game awarding Fruit Machines, Microgaming have designed one such game and this is the must play Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure game.

Once this bonus game is awarded you will be playing a shooting type of bonus feature on which the more objects you hit the bigger your winning payout will become.

Unique Fruit Machine Bonus Games

There are some of Microgaming’s Fruit Machines which can award some rather unique types of bonus games, many of them will see you playing one of several different types of bonus features whenever the main bonus game is awarded and one of these slots worth playing is the Microgaming designed Bingo Bango Boom game which is themed around a game of Bingo.

The Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine is going to award you with a take it or leave it type of bonus round completely at random, and this is quite similar to the television game show Deal or No Deal, where you need to choose to take the cash amount offered or carry on playing the bonus game in the hope you will win a larger cash payout further into the bonus game.

The Dubya Money game along with the Jamaican a Fortune slot both offer a bonus game which when triggered will see you being offered one of several different types of bonus game features to play out, and as such you will never know which one you are going to be awarded with until the bonus game is triggered.

Microgaming’s Pub Fruity slot will see you working your way along a bonus trail during the base game by spinning in a set of numbers attached to the reel symbols, in additional to the bonus games which can be awarded on that trail a dart throwing bonus game can be awarded to you.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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