A Different Kind of Casino Strategy

I bet that up until today all you were ever taught about casinos was roulette systems/ card counting / craps strategies etc. Your gambling education was strictly technical and based on the belief that the casino was built for playing games and beating the house (or not…)

I bet no one ever told you that beating the casino doesn’t necessarily mean memorizing stats, developing an endless visual memory, or adopting a passing by rain-man to play for you. You can come out a winner in the casino, but you don’t have to beat the casino, only the system.

Successful businessmen know this secret, and you should know it too – being around other successful people is the most important thing in business. That’s right, you don’t need to wonder around all day looking for business opportunities; what you do need is to hook up with other businessmen, and this networking will bring you more deals than any other way.

So, when you arrive at a casino (this also applies to online casinos or gambling sites that operate forums, communities, etc.) focus on the game, but never neglect the company surrounding you. Keep this in mind – casinos are full of well to do people, people who are very well connected, people you have a lot to gain from, interesting people…you get the picture. Mingling with this sort of crowd can benefit you in ways you haven’t imagined.

Making acquaintances in a casino is pretty easy because the situation helps people connect: players identify with each other as the good guys against the bad guy – the house. This identification is the first step towards friendship. The same goes for a more intimate relation – no wonder the movies are full of rescue fantasies where the guy you least expect it gets the beauty when they face some cruel villain together; certain situations simply brings hearts closer.

So to be accessible and make your mingling smoother, make sure to do the following:

  • Look as good and as attractive as you can.
  • Be alert – you better stay another hour in bed than going out of your hotel room looking all raggedy.
  • Keep yourself clean, shaved, and lightly fragranced. Ladies, they invented make-up for a reason.
  • Never react aggressively (swear, storm, throw a fit…) in public
  • Be courteous to everybody, and always tip the dealers or waitresses, even if you lost.
  • Dedicate an half hour to mingling on every hour of play
  • Just enjoy the game and enjoy your self.

A friend of mine uses this system to the core. During a visit in Europe he stopped for a long weekend in a casino hotel. In the first night he sat down to a blackjack table with another guy where the place was pretty empty. My buddy lost about a grand in four hours of playing, tipping heavily for the drinks that poured to his glass, flirting with every hot woman around, guests and employees alike, and enjoyed every minute. His table mate, who actually cleared off with $2K in his pocket, was getting surely every time he lost, sat there sulking, and tipped no one but his own miserable self. Now let me ask you something – guess who spent the rest of his stay getting free drinks, comps, and the company of a very lovely lady? This guy can get himself invited to private parties, hot tables, and great dinners, where he hooks up with the right kind of people.

In the casino, losing is just a part of the big game – socializing, having a good time, living up the energy and adventure of the place. When you meet other people who feel the same, and better yet, people that can create new opportunities for you – this is your gain. All over the world, smart players get back in the game. Sore losers get angry, chargeback, bad mouth the casino, look for cheaters and raise hell in general. Guess who’s invited to freerolls and gets gifts and bonuses, and who gets his credit card blocked over the net?

Graceful players can work it no matter how they did in the game. You’ll never be a loser when you know how to gain the right people on your side.

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