Actual, Expected and Theoretical Slot Payout Percentages

jack-and-the-beanstalk-slotThere are so many different terms and sayings, facts and figures, along with a whole host of other aspects of playing slots online that many players simply choose a slot to play that they like the look of and will happily spin the reels of that slot game in the hope they win.

However, we are aware that there are many slot players online who like to know all aspects of each and every type of slot game they have access to online in the hope they can find a number of them which can give them an increased winning chance.

With this in mind we have compiled a range of articles which are listed in our Understanding How Online Slot Games Work section of the website and these articles will complement this one which is going to give you an idea of what Actual, Expected and Theoretical payout percentages mean and how they affect the way a slot game works and plays.

Actual Slot Game Payout Percentages Explained

The actual payout percentage you achieve when playing any online slot game is simply the amount of cash that you receive back as winnings based on the amount of cash wagered on one or more slot playing session.

It is worth noting that this figure is going to vary greatly depending on how long you played any one slot game for and how lucky you were when playing it. If you wish to work out your own actual payout percentage after having played any online slot games then please take a look at our helpful and very informative Auditing Your Slot Play guide which will show you how you can work out your actual RTP obtained during any single slot playing session.

Understanding Expected Slot Game Payout Percentages

There are another set of figures which you will often hear mentioned when playing online slot games and these are the Expected Payout Percentages this the payout percentage that a player can expect to receive when playing a slot game over one cycle of slot spins.

These figures are often found on Fruit Machine slot games which have been designed in such a way that the operator of those games will receive a certain amount as guaranteed income once a slot game has been played a certain number of times.

This is due to Fruit Machines being designed in such a way that whilst to a certain degree they are random, when a slot is nearing the completion of one playing cycle then the game will do everything it needs to do to level out the payout percentage to the one it has pre-programmed to payout.

If the Fruit Machine needs to payout a certain amount in winnings as is reaches the final game playing cycle then it will spin in that required number of winning combinations to achieve that, no matter how the player of that game plays it.

If you have never come across Fruit Machines before then we would suggest you read through our Guide on Playing Fruit Machines, for these types of slot games may appeal to you due to their unique design and with them being very RTP dependent slots.

What are Theoretical Slot Game Payout Percentages?

The Theoretical Payout Percentage which is often displayed on a lot of online slot games is the amount of cash a random slot game is expected to return to you the player over the long term operation of that game.

Once a slot game designer have designed a slot game online then due to the number of reel symbols on each reel and the value of the winning combinations attached to each set of reel symbols the supplier of that game can work out just how much cash is going to returned to players over the long term based on the amount of cash played off in credits due to the design of the slot.

It is worth noting that it this figure is called a Theoretical Payout Percentage as that is all it can be, theoretical, and due to there being a random number generator controlling the outcome of each spin there can never be a guaranteed figure that will be paid back to players over the long term, as is the case with Fruit Machines.

An online casino operator may have a slot game which has been designed to returned to players over the long term an RTP of let’s say 96%, however it could payout for months a figure well below that figure and then all of a sudden a series of large winning payout are achieved which will balance out the RTP or could take it over its theoretical payout percentage.

It is the volume of action any slot game gets from players that is going to see any one slot games RTP balancing out to what it has been designed to pay, if an online slot game gets very little attention from players then the payout percentage that game is currently achieving could be way higher or way lower than its theoretical one.

What are the Theoretical RTP’s of individual Online Slot Games?

If you are wondering what the Theoretical RTP’s are on a range of different online slot games then we have several guides which will enlighten you on these facts and figures, we have listed Microgaming Slot Game RTP’s, Playtech Slot Game RTP’s and also have guides enlightening you on the RTP’s of IGT Slots as well as one which shows you the RTP of NetEnt Slots.

Have a look at each of those guides for you will often be surprised at just how high and sadly just how low the payout percentages have been set on many different types of online slot game, the obvious thing to do when logged into any online casino, if you intend to play slot games online is to find out which slots have the highest Theoretical RTP’s and then only play those slots, to get the best winning chances.

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