Advanced Fruit Machine Playing Features

pub-fruity-slotTo give you some ideas of which slot game playing features are going to enhance your playing experience should you be playing online Fruit Machines, then do have a good read through of the following guide.

Below you will find details of hidden features and bonus features that can be awarded to you as you are playing many online Fruities and by knowing how they work and play out your winning chances will be increased.

Bonus Position on Number Trail

When playing many Fruit Machines you are going to come across a Number Trail, this is the small path like set of numbers underneath the reels which light up as soon as you spin in any reel symbols that have a number printed alongside them.

The aim is to complete the series of numbers in that trail and once you do you will get to play out whatever main bonus game is offered on that particular machine. Position four on some Fruit Machines is the Bonus Position, and when landing on it you then have to give the Stop button a click to stop the scrolling series of bonus features on the games alpha numeric display to win one of them.

The beauty of this Bonus Position is that one of the features offered could be a Skill Stop feature and that feature will allow you to use your skill to light up the end position on the trail and trigger the bonus game, if of course you have mastered the way it works.

Bonus Game or Jackpot Repeater

As you will probably be aware winning the jackpot on a Fruit Machine can often take ages, or to get the main bonus game triggered can often take quite some time. However do look out for Fruities that offer the Bonus Game or Jackpot Repeater feature.

When you have won the jackpot or manage to trigger the main bonus game attached to these types of games, you are then given the chance of playing off the bonus game again or winning the jackpot again via the Repeater Feature.

When you find a game offering this you will be faced with two flashing lights, one will light up the word Yes and the other the word No, by clicking on the Stop button you will then illuminate one of the words, and should you illuminate the word Yes then you will win the jackpot again instantly or will be awarded the bonus game once again.

Hold After a Nudge Guaranteed Win

If you can remember the Bar X Fruit Machine then you may be aware that it boasted a unique hidden feature that would guarantee you would spin in a winning combination once a certain set of events happened.

Once you had been awarded a set of Nudges and was unable to complete a winning combination, if you nudged onto the win line two matching symbols, and the game then offered you a hold on the very next game, and you didn’t hold any of the reel symbols then you would be awarded a winning combination on that next spin.

There are quite a number of online and mobile Fruit Machines that still have this hidden bonus feature attached to them, so always try nudging in two matching reel symbols and then refuse to hold any symbols if the hold is offered on the next game to see if the Fruity you are playing then goes on to award a winning combination on the next spin you play.

Three Holds and a Guaranteed Winning Spin

Another popular advanced playing feature you will find on many online as well as land based Fruit Machines is the three holds and a guaranteed win feature. Not may players are aware of this feature, however when playing a Fruity if you get two matching symbols and then hold them both you may be awarded the hold on the next spin.

If so keep on holding those two matching reel symbols and if a third hold is then offered the missing reel symbols will, if that Fruit Machine has this feature, spin in! You may be tempted not to bother holding the matching initial two symbols if they are low valued ones, however this is the correct strategy to play.

This bonus hidden feature does not work if you hold just one reel symbol and then get two additional holds being offered on consecutive spins.

Guarantee against an Imperfect Nudge

The “Guarantee against an Imperfect Nudge” feature or GAIN as it is commonly known is going to ensure that when you are playing any Fruit Machine with this feature attached to it you are not going to make any mistakes when you have been awarded a large number of Nudges.

When you have been awarded a set of nudges you are not always able to see or know what reel symbols are out of view and as such you may inadvertently nudge onto the win line a winning combination lower in value than the one that could be nudged in.

When you nudge in such a winning combinations the GAIN light will illuminate, if of course the Fruity you are playing offers this advanced playing feature, and will then reset the reels to how they were before you used up your allocated nudges, and will then nudge onto the win line the higher paying winning combination instead.

Higher RTP on Multi Stake Fruit Machines

One final aspect of playing some online Fruit Machines which is going to increase your long term winning chances is that some of the many different kinds of Fruities available online offer a much higher payout percentage when you are playing that game for higher stake levels.

A quick glance at the pay table of the game you are playing will indicate whether that game offers an enhanced RTP when playing for higher stake levels, and if so the only way to play that game is of course to set the coin values to the highest ones on offer.

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