Alaska Online Casinos: Gambling in Alaska

If you’re looking for the latest news about Alaskan online casinos, you’re on the right page. Unfortunately, Alaska is one of the few states that really have almost no connections to any gambling activities. In other words, you won’t find any land-based or online casinos, and there are few other options for Alaskan gamblers. Let’s quickly make an overview of gambling and gambling legislation and AK by covering available options for you and discussing Alaskan’s gambling future. Read on!

Which Kinds of Online Gambling Are Legal in AK in 2021?

Technically speaking, there aren’t any gambling options for Alaskan residents except for one — Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Are Any Forms of Online Gambling Legal in AK in 2021?

The answer here is pretty simple — no. You cannot access any gambling sites in Alaska, as none exist, and the same goes for online sportsbooks and online poker sites. In fact, Alaska doesn’t even have a state lottery, nor can you bet on horse or greyhound races. Needless to say, the northernmost American state doesn’t feature any live tracks.

Of course, as stated in the section above, the only legal option is DFS, even though it’s not particularly legalized — it’s in the gray legal area. Of course, there are a couple of sweepstakes options that have a business model allowing them to operate without breaking the law.

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