Alternate High-Low Stake Slot System

mega-moolahOne of the most intriguing slot playing systems we uncovered when compiling our range of guides that took a look at What Kind of Slot Player you are was one in which players has to alternate the stake levels at which they played each spin of the slot game reels.

This slot playing system requires a player to first set into play, when they first sit down to play any slot game a maximum bet spin, and then on the next spin they play maximum lines but on the minimum coins allowed per payline.

Then on the next spin a maximum line maximum coins per line bet is wagered once again and then another max line minimum coin per line stake set into live play on the following spin. Players then keep repeating this staking plan through their gaming session on that one slot game.

You may be wondering why anyone would play such a slot strategy and what possible benefits there can be of using such a system, and if so then do keep on reading for we will take a look at both the benefits and risks attached to this high low staking slot playing system and will also highlight and present to you a few slot games which are perfect for such a system.

Benefits of the High-Low Stake System

The one main benefit of using this high-low stake level slot playing strategy it that when you sit down to play slot games sometimes, you can go for quite a number of spins when absolutely no winning combinations form on any of your paylines.

These spins are known in the industry as dry spins, and as such when you are playing one spin for a low stake level and one for a higher stake level then you will not be losing your gaming budget as quickly as soon as you encounter a run of dry spins.

Another benefit of playing this system is that often when you first sit down to play a slot game you will immediately trigger the bonus game on that respective slot. As the first bet you place in this playing strategy is always the maximum bet stake level, then by using this strategy you will have the best chances of securing a decent sized winning payout, once you have played off that bonus game.

Another benefit of playing in this way is that you are going to be having quite an exciting slot playing session, as you will never know if the better paying bonus games or winning combinations will spin in when you are playing maximum bet stake levels.

Risks of Using the High-Low Stake System

There are of course plenty of risks you will be taking should you choose to adopt this particular slot machine strategy, and as such you do of course need to know of these risks before setting forth and playing online slot games in this way.

The first aspect of alternating your stake per spin is that you could spin in a bonus game feature round when you have wagered the lowest amount, and as such the returns on the bonus feature round may not be anywhere as near as large as they would be when playing maximum bet spins.

Also, and this is very important, if you put this system into play when playing some progressive slot games then you could spin in the progressive jackpot paying combination when playing for the lower stake amount, and that could result in your not winning the progressive jackpot but the consolation standard winning payout instead.

So if you do fancy giving this slot playing system a try, make sure you avoid playing any type of slot game which not only offers a progressive jackpot but requires you to have all paylines and the maximum number of coins in play on each of those paylines to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, or you may just miss out on winning it.

The best type of progressive game to play this system on, are those slots which award a random progressive jackpot, for when you are playing those slot games it doesn’t matter what stake levels you are playing the slot for you stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Best Slots to use the High-Low Stake Slot System on

Look out for those slot games that offer you the ability of placing a large number of coins on each payline. You will find slot games such as the Isis slot from Microgaming will let you play up to 10 coins per payline, which will certainly give you an exciting and potentially very large paying session when everything falls into place.

For an even more exciting slot playing session there are some slot games which let you play up to 20 coins per payline per spin, one of these slot games is Microgaming’s Kathmandu slot, however do always ensure that your slot playing bankroll can comfortably afford to play these types of slots.

One final slot game worthy of playing when using this high low stake slot playing system are any of the 243 ways to win slots, as by playing these slots you are always getting the maximum number of winning chances due to all 243 ways to win being live and in play on each spin you make.

As mentioned above if you choose to give this slot playing strategy a whirl but you enjoy playing progressive jackpot awarding slots then you need to concentrate your playing efforts only on those slots that offer a randomly awarded jackpot and one that can award the jackpot irrespective of how much you are wager on each spin.

With this in mind you are best off playing any of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah series of slots for they all offer a randomly awarded set of progressive jackpots and as such you will never miss out on having the chance of winning one of them when utilizing the high-low stake slot playing strategy.

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