Alternatives to Ukash at Online Casinos

Ukash is a popular deposit option at many online and mobile casinos, but unfortunately it is being withdrawn and as such players are no longer going to be able to use is to fund their casino accounts. If you have been using Ukash as your main way of funding your accounts then fear not as there is an alternative pre paid voucher system which is still available and that option is PaySafeCard.

Many people shy away from using their debit card linked to their bank account or their credit card to make a deposit into a casino site for it can be too easy to spend too much money when using those two banking options.

In fact players have been put off using a web wallet type account as the charges and fees that are associated with using Skrill, Paypal and even Neteller mean that the value of deposits or withdrawal made to and from a casino site reduce the value of those deposits and withdrawals.

As such if you like the flexibility and peace of mind of using a pre paid voucher to fund your casino account and like the fact that you are never going to be charged any additional fees when using a pre paid voucher then read on for we shall now enlighten you on how PaySafeCard which is replacing Ukash works.

What is PaySafeCard?

PaySafeCard is simply a way of making a deposit into any online or mobile casino when you have no other banking options available or as mentioned above you would prefer never to have to use a credit or debit card to fund those accounts.

You need to visit a shop which sells them and request a voucher of any value. You pay for a PaySafeCard voucher in cash and once you have requested and paid for it you will then be given a voucher which has a unique code on the front of it along with the amount of cash you purchased it for.

The code number which is printed on the voucher then needs to be entered into the banking interface of your chosen casino site along with the amount you paid for it, and once the voucher has then been verified which by the way takes a couple of seconds your casino account whether a mobile or online casino account will then be credited with those funds instantly.

You do need to know that PaySafeCard is a deposit only casino banking option and whilst you can seamlessly deposit funds into any account using those vouchers you are not going to be able to make a withdrawal back to a PaySafeCard voucher.

With that in mind you should take a look through the list of available banking options at any online or mobile casino site you wish to play at and then pick out one of those banking options as the way you will choose to make a withdrawal if you cash out any winnings having made a deposit using a PaySafeCard voucher.

Where to Buy PaySafeCard Vouchers

PaySafeCard vouchers are readily available to buy in many different countries, if you live in the UK or some European countries then many shops will display outside of them a sign such as a Pay Zone or Pay Point sign and every single one of those shops will have a machine inside them which can be used by the shop assistant to print off PaySafeCard vouchers.

However, many other countries of the world which are not Pay Point or Pay Zone affiliated shops do sell PaySafeCard vouchers and it is usually those shops which allow you to purchases top up vouchers for your pre paid mobile phones that sell those vouchers.

If you are unsure of just which stores and shops that are local to you sell PaySafeCard vouchers then simply visit the PaySafeCard website and when there you will be able to use their store locator tool. By using that tool you enter your town or post code and then it will display all of the retail outlets in a radius of a couple of miles or kilometres to your house which sell those vouchers.

Benefits of using PaySafeCard Vouchers

Let us now give you a quick run through of some of the benefits you will find in regards to using PaySafeCard vouchers as the main way of funding each of your online and mobile casinos or gambling accounts.

No Additional Fees – With you never having to pay more than the actual face value of a PaySafeCard voucher then you really will be guaranteed the best value when using those vouchers as the way of funding your casino accounts.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of casino sites will also not impose any fees or charges in regards to you funding your accounts using any number of any face value of PaySafeCard vouchers, but if you do come across a site that is going to charge you a fee then simply look around or one that will not as there are more than enough casinos that accept PaySafeCard.

Bonuses Available – You are going to be able to mop up just as many new player bonuses and ongoing casino bonus offers by using PaySafeCard vouchers as your preferred depositing option as you would when using any other banking option. So if you are looking for a low cost alternative to Ukash vouchers then choosing to use PaySafeCard should be a no brainer.

No Overspending – One of the main attractions of using a pre paid voucher such as PaySafeCard is that you are never going to be in a position where you can over spend. You are only ever able to deposit into your casino accounts the face value of any vouchers which may appeal to players who have previously been unable to resist making one or two additional deposits when they have chosen to use a credit or debit card to fund their casino site accounts.

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