An Insight into Playing Fruit Machines Online

fruit-machineThere are a lot of differences in the way Fruit Machines work and operate when comparing them to virtually any other type of slot games, and as such you need to be completely confident that you know how Fruit Machines are structured and designed before playing them if you want any possible chance of winning when playing them in the online gaming environment.

In this playing guide we will take a look at what makes Fruit Machines unique and also will present to you plenty of valuable playing hints and tips to ensure you never miss out on a winning opportunity when you are playing these kinds of slot games.

For reference Fruit Machines often go by several other names and as such if you see a category of slot games listed as AWP’s then those games are also Fruit Machines, AWP means Amusement with Prizes and that is what these kinds of slot games are commonly known as in the UK which is where these types of slot machines originated from.

Fruit Machines are RTP Dependent

The one main aspect of all Fruit Machines is that they are payout percentage dependent, and by this we mean that they have been designed to work and play in a certain way depending on what the current payout percentage of the slot game is at.

All Fruit Machines have something known as a target payout percentage, and the game will have been designed to play through a series of game cycles and at the end of each game cycle the Fruit Machine will have reached its target percentage.

Each game cycle will be predetermined, however it could be tens or hundreds of thousands of spins long, however once the Fruit Machine finishes each cycle it will have made its target payout percentage.

It may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of Microgaming Fruit Machines have been set to return a payout percentage of 96.50% and when you compare those figures to what land based Fruit Machines are set to return which can often be in the low 70% range then there is tremendous value to be had by playing online Fruit Machines at Microgaming powered casinos.

Now you are armed with the knowledge that Fruit Machines are RTP dependent then there are some ways of playing them that could see you winning more often than losing, however everything does need to drop into place to ensure you do have a winning session, and as such we will now going into more detail in regards to how some savvy Fruit Machine players manage to win more times than they lose.

Playing Fruit Machines Strategically

A Fruit Machine will take drastic action when its payout percentage reaches one of two different points, should it drop too low then these types of gaming machines will be forced to award a player with lots of winning spins to bring the payout percentage back up to the levels at which it has been programmed to payout.

Conversely should a Fruit Machines payout percentage get too high then that machine will become very tight, and by this we mean that no matter how you play it you will never spin in any winning combinations and if you do they will be very low paying winning spins.

The art to playing Fruit Machines therefore is to find a game which is at a point in its game cycle where its actual payout percentage is low, and then play that game in such a way that the Fruit Machine is forced to pay you out some sizeable winning payouts.

This is done by you playing the Fruit Machine in the opposite way that you should be playing it, and by this we mean that instead of playing it to win you instead play it to lose.

This is achievable quite easily, for if a winning combination spins in then you either repeatedly gamble that win should the game offer a gamble feature option or by exchanging the winning payout for the bonus feature which a lot of Fruit Machines allow you to do, and then playing the bonus feature recklessly, and not taking any winning payouts offered as you play that bonus feature.

Should you be offered one of the usual base game bonus features such as the Hold bonus or the Nudge bonus then you play those to lose also, which means holding none matching symbols when the Hold bonus feature is offered so you will never spin in a matching combination, and if the Nudge bonus feature is awarded then you nudge in none matching reel symbols so as to never form a winning combination.

You may now be slightly confused by this playing strategy, and may be asking yourself what possible advantage playing the Fruit Machine to lose will have. Well, as you play the game to lose more and more eventually the actual payout percentage on that game will reach such a low level that it has to take that drastic action we mentioned earlier, and it will have no choice but to spin in many high paying combinations or jackpot paying combinations to compensate and to eventually bring its actual payout percentage up to its target payout percentage.

You then simply ride out those winning combinations, and when you notice them drying up you simply stop playing and cash out your winnings or select another Fruit Machine game to play instead.

One aspect of playing Microgaming’s range of Fruit Machines via their downloadable gaming platform, is that there is a Jackpot Thermometer displayed against all games offered in those casinos, and this will therefore allow you to instantly spot any Fruit Machines that haven’t paid out for a certain length of time, and that allows you to see which of these games will be at the lower areas of their actual payout percentages, and those game will then possibly be prone and possibly vulnerable to this Fruit Machine playing strategy.

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