An Insight into Playing IGT Slots Online

IGTTo ensure that we are always going to bring you as much information as is possible in regards to every possible type of slot game that you can access and play online, we have, dotted all over our website, a huge number of very informative and in-depth slot playing guides and reviews of all of the thousands of different online slot machines.

One of the leading land based slot game manufacturers is of course IGT and much like every other land based real money slot machine designer who offer online slots, we have compiled several articles based on their online collection of slot games that we just know you are going to find interesting as you look through this website in search of slot games that you are going to find appealing to play.

Below we have direct links to some of our most read and recently added articles and playing guides which are going to introduce to you some of the most entertaining IGT slot machines you can instantly play online, so we invite you to read through this article and by following any of the links below you will be able to find the respective guide.

You are not only going to find that you can play IGT slot games online, but as they also have made available lots of Mobile Device compatible slot games such as their recently launched Mobile Battleships Slot you are going to be able to play their range of slots when you are out and about.

Most Popular IGT Online Slots

As many of IGT’s range of online slot games started life in land based casinos we are quite easily able to showcase to you some of IGT’s Most Popular Online Slots as many of the most popular slot games found in land based casinos from IGT are just as popular with online slot players.

We do know that all of our website visitors who enjoy playing slot games are a savvy bunch of players, and will always be interested in playing those slot games online which offer the very highest payout percentages, and as you are probably one of these players then make sure you spend some time going through our guide to IGT Slot Game Payout Percentages, as that section of our website will let you instantly see which of this online slot game suppliers slots are worth playing and which ones are worth avoiding.

Slot Machine Bonus Features

It doesn’t matter which slot games you play online you are going to come across slots which all have something unique to offer you, however it is true to say that it is the video slot games that a lot of online slot players tend to play time and time again.

If you love nothing more than playing slot games that can and will, as you play those slots more and more, award you will all manner of different types of bonus rounds, then make sure you take a good look through our guide on the many Unique IGT Bonus Slot Features for thanks to the way IGT design their video slots each one of them offers you plenty of exciting and regularly awarded bonus rounds and bonus features to liven up and make your online slot playing sessions much more entertaining and potentially very profitable ones.

Progressive Jackpot Slots from IGT

No online collection of slot games would be complete without a range of progressive slot games being on offer and when it comes to playing slots that offer players a chance of spinning in a life changing winning combination then the IGT Mega Jackpots Slot Machines are certainly worth taking a closer look at for there are several slots in this series on which some truly enormous jackpot payouts can and are regularly won.

You do however need to be aware of the way in which this range of IGT progressive slot games play and operate for unlike some other suppliers slot games that award progressive jackpots when you are playing the range of Mega Jackpots slots online you have to play for maximum stakes on each spin to get a chance of actually being awarded the progressive jackpot paying combination.

These slot games do offer you the ability to play for various different coin and stake values, however as it is the case that high rolling players get an increased chance of winning the progressive jackpots that may put you off playing them, but as long as you do play maximum bet spins on any coin value you will always have the chance of winning the progressive jackpots on offer.

One final aspect of playing IGT Mega Jackpots slots online is that if you do beat the odds and win one of the jackpots on offer they do not pay you in one lump sum as some casinos do, instead they pay you the jackpot in equal annual instalments, that would be a problem when playing at some online casinos as you will never know whether the casinos will be in business from one year to another, but as the jackpots are guaranteed by IGT themselves you can confidently play these types of slots safe in the knowledge you will always get paid any jackpot you win.

Slots that Form Part of a Series

Many of IGT’s slot games have proven to be hugely successful and what always happens when any slot game proves to be highly playable is that the company that designed that slot will then start to roll out a range of slot games which boast a similar theme or similar set of base and bonus game features and similar playing structures.

With this in mind, and as IGT have a huge number of similar slot games we have put together a guide on IGT Multi Series Slot Machines, do check it out for you will be amazed at just how many slot games IGT have designed and launched online which boast similar styles, themes and structures and if you like one of them then you are going to like playing the other slots in that respective series of slots.

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