Angel or Devil Online Slot Machine Review

However, if you like playing slots in a high risk high reward type of way, then do opt for the Devil mode, for when you choose this playing structure the slot will reduce the number of small winning combinations that form and in exchange for that you will have the chance of winning some very large amounts of cash.

Higher Than Average Payout Percentage

You have probably made the decisions to play online slot games having become a little bored of playing land based slot games. The one main benefit that you may be unaware of when playing Playtech slots online, is they always come with much higher payout percentages than slots found in land based gaming venues.

The Angel or Devil slot comes with a high payout percentage of 94.16%, and when compared with the lower RTP’s found on land based slots which can be as low as just 80%, you are going to lock in lots of playing value should you decide to give this slot a whirl.

Play for Low or Very High Stakes

You are going to have to play and activate all 20 of the Angel or Devil paylines, for unlike many other slots the paylines are not optional. However to enable everyone to be able to play for stake levels they are comfortably able to play, you can set the stakes to as low as one penny and as such to play all of the paylines on that coin setting will cost you just 0.20 per spin.

You are of course able to crank up the stake levels and when you have them on the maximum one which is 50.00 per payline a maximum bet spin is going to see you playing for stakes of a whopping 1000.00, ideal for any high rollers out there.

Free Spins and Pick a Card Bonus Features

You will find on the middle three reels a special Logo symbol, this is the Scatter symbols on this Angel or Devil slot game, and as soon as you have all three of those symbols spinning into any position on all three reels then the bonus game is going to be awarded to you.

This is a multi stage bonus feature, and you will initially be awarded with a set of five free spins, which will play off at the same stake levels as on the base game spin you trigger the bonus feature. At the end of each single free spin you play, you will be awarded with any winning payout and then you have to pick one of the cards displayed on the bonus game screen.

Once revealed the card you pick will offer you one of four different additional bonus features, You may reveal a special Multiplier card and if so the value of the multiplier will be used to increase the winning payout of any winning free spins you have left to play off.

If you reveal a cash prize card then you will be randomly awarded with a set of credits, the value of which will only be known once the card has been chosen!  There is an Extra Wilds card and this little beauty is going to add a set of additional Wild symbols onto the screen, which may assist in your forming lots of additional winning combinations.

You may reveal a Lock Spins, and when this card is revealed the free spins you have been awarded will not be reduced as you play each one off until the padlock attached to this card has been opened. This does of course mean you will be able to play off a various amount of additional free spins, and the longer the padlock takes to open the more of them you will get to play off.

Lightening Cash Explosion

As you are playing the base game all of a sudden lightening may strike, and if so you will find the slot will lock up and coins will start to shower down onto the slot game screen, the longer its rains coins the more you will win.

Reel Symbols and Associated Payouts

You will find two different Wild symbols listed on the pay table the one which is attached to the Devil game is a Wild Multiplier symbols so getting any winning combination with this symbol attached to it is going to see the value of that winning payout doubled.

When playing the Angel game a standard Wild symbol is in play. Both of these two Wild symbols stand in for all other reel symbols with the exception of the Scatter symbols. These Wild symbols are also the Jackpot paying symbols and five of them on any payline during the Devil mode will award a jackpot of 4000 coins, while getting five of them forming during the Angel game on any payline and the jackpot is worth 2000 coins in total.

You will also find a range of other reel symbols, which award a various amounts of coins dependent on just how many of them you manage to spin in. The second highest paying reel symbols on both playing modes are the Gold Seven reel symbols and any payline containing all five of them will award a payout worth 1000 coins.

The other lower paying reel symbols include a Bell, Bar and the Playing Card symbols including a Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace card. The Scatter symbols do not award any winning payouts irrespective of how many of them you spin into view, and as such you are only going to find they trigger the bonus game mentioned above when three of them all spin in.

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