Arcade Based Casino Games from Playtech

You are going to come across a set of casino games that are quite unique and offer some unusual winning pay tables if you opt to give the Arcade Games which are found in large numbers at a Playtech powered online casino sites a try.

These very unique games are all themed and based on the types of games more usually associated with seaside amusement arcades in the UK, and when you are becoming a little tired or even bored with the usual types of casino games found online they can always be relied on to give you a welcome distraction and plenty of entertainment value and of course winning opportunities.

Playtech’s Most Played Arcade Games

Having spent a few days playing all of the currently available Arcade Games which can be accessed and played for free or fore real money at any Playtech software powered online casino site, we have handpicked the following games to showcase to you.

These games all offer a completely different and very unique type of playing style and as such you should have plenty of fun and games getting stuck into playing any or all of them! These games all come with generous payout percentages and as is the norm a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each and every single game played, this ensures complete fair play and game integrity.

Heads or Tails

One of the easiest Arcade games to play and a game that is one of the fastest paced of all Arcade Games found in Playtech casinos has to be their Heads or Tails game. This will see you selecting either Heads or Tails in the hope that once a coin has been tossed the face you chose is the one facing upwards! It is a 50/50 game where you simply need to pick the outcome of a toss of a coin to win a range of winning payouts based on how many coin tosses you take part in per game played.

Bonus Bowling

There is an Arcade Game which is built around the sport of Bowling and this is of course Playtech’s Bonus Bowling game. The aim of the game is to place one of several available wagers on the outcome of the bowling game, and if your wagers are then part of the outcome of the game you will have won and are paid out at the odds offered on the pay table of this game.

Jackpot Darts

You will be hard pressed to find a more unusual and unique type of Arcade Game than Playtech’s Jackpot Darts game, this is a fun to play game which is completely based around a game of darts. You will be given a huge array of betting opportunities based around the outcome of three dart throws, and any of the bets you have placed that then get thrown in will see you picking up one of several different winning payouts.

Mini Roulette

One Arcade Game that may just appeal to you if you enjoy the game of Roulette is the Mini Roulette game, with only a third of the usual numbers attached to the Mini Roulette games wheel then you may find picking the winning number much easier when playing this version as opposed to playing any other online Roulette game variant.

Spin a Win

The Spin a Win game is a wheel spinning type of Arcade Game, you will be given the option of placing several different types of wagers and then the wheel will be set into motion, should any of your wagers be associated with the segment of the wheel that spins in you will be rewarded with an instant cash payout.

Genie’s Hi Lo

The aim of the Genie’s Hi Lo game is to predict whether a series of playing cards are going to be higher in value or lower in value than the previous one dealt out on the screen, the more correct protections you make consecutively the bigger your winning payouts will become, however, guess incorrectly and the game will come to an abrupt end.

Pop Bingo

The Pop Bingo game is a game where every single bingo ball is going to be drawn out of the bingo machine, and the aim of this game is for you to complete a winning pattern in the fewest numbers of balls called out. You can play this game for several different stake levels and if you enjoy the game of Bingo but are looking for a different version of the game then give this game a try today you should enjoy playing it for sure.

Roller Coaster Dice

This is another hi low predicting game found in Playtech powered sites in the Arcade Games menu, and if you opt to play this game instead of having to guess whether a playing card is higher or lower than the preceding one as on games such as the Genie’s Hi Low game mentioned above, you will be predicting the outcome of a dice roll, and will need to pick whether the next number rolled in is going to be higher or lower than the last on rolled in.

Rock Paper Scissors

You are going to be faced with picking on of the hand movements offered on the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, and if your hand movement beats the one chosen by your opponent then you will win. You may have played this game as a child in the school playground, and if you think you have the skill required to play it then give it a try online there are lots of cash prizes up for grabs.

Mega Ball

This is a number predicating type of arcade game, and what may make it appealing to you is that you could win a huge progressive jackpot when playing it. There are going to be six numbers fired out of the Mega Ball machine every sixty seconds, and you are faced with trying to predict a whole array of different wagering opportunities in the hope your predictions match the balls drawn out of the machine.

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